Knowledge must have a sense of life and death

Do not speak empty words in learning

The biggest problem in the world is life and death. Life and death make the world instantly clear between true and false.

For example, when we engage in learning, everyone relies on logic. For example, when everyone has a full meal, they discuss food security. They can’t talk about the reason for one day. Let’s talk after being hungry for three days, and put another steamed bun in the middle of the venue. Everyone will not have so many definitions, and there will not be so much logic and gentleness. Eyes are green, staring straight at the steamed bun, ready to be rough at any time.

When you are full, you ask him what is food security? He said that there are generalized grains and narrowly defined grains, and he will also create some models and data for you, one set at a time. This is before life and death, if you starve for three days, will there be those? Whoever talks about the generalized concept, let him eat the generalized “grain”.

At that time, the more “stupid” people are, the closer they are to the truth, because stupid people know that they can only talk about other things when they are alive. After three days of starvation, you will understand what food security is without teaching. Such a simple truth is not easy to understand until it is difficult, especially until it is life and death.

So what does logic do? It is used to organize materials, and the starting point of organizing materials and the destination of materials after organizing are life and death, that is, class struggle. Mao Zedong once taught his family: “If you don’t know about the class struggle, how can you count as a university graduate?”

Empty talk destroys the country, empty talk destroys the family. The so-called empty words are words that have no sense of life and death. Now when we write a situation analysis article, we often say that there are three possibilities. Opportunities and challenges coexist, difficulties and hopes coexist, and accidents may occur if they are not handled well.

These seemingly reasonable words are basically nonsense when you think about it. What is not the coexistence of three possibilities, opportunities and challenges? Zhou Yi said that the research problem should “reach all things far away, and close to all bodies”, which means that the conclusion of understanding things in the distance must first be tried on oneself. For example, your daughter-in-law called you today and said, “Husband, the child can’t be found.” Can you say to your daughter-in-law, “It doesn’t matter, there are three possibilities: opportunities and challenges coexist, difficulties and hope exist, and there is a possibility of accidents if you don’t handle them well”? Of course not. If you say that, you won’t be able to go back today.

Good learning is to turn learning into a knife that changes the world

Learning must be “close to the body”, especially related to your survival. Without survival, what about learning?

The reason why a girl’s family can become a mother is not because of age, but because of experience. Age is a record of experience, not time. Time without things is meaningless. Children are the boundary between mother and girl. When the child cries, the girl is not a girl but a mother. If there are no children, a 50-year-old woman is still a girl, and she still likes to accept the 999 roses and the warm masculine romance of plopping and half-kneeling in front of the girl. But when you’re a mother, it’s different. When your child cries, you have to find food for your child, go into the kitchen, take a kitchen knife instead of a rose. Why take a kitchen knife? The child cried and had to eat. If you don’t have kids, that’s another story: get takeout, call.

Good knowledge is to turn knowledge into a knife that changes the world, and bad knowledge is to turn the knife that changes the world into a “knowledge” that can change the world.

For a long time, we have lost the sense of life and death in the war years, which can be felt from the current beauty spy films and beautiful anti-Japanese war films: where the Japanese invaders implemented the “Three Lights” policy, the underground workers in some of our films Still in love and treat each other, love is higher than organizational tasks, this is obviously a work that takes for granted and does not respect history. Of course, there are also good works now, such as the TV series “Hidden” and “The Right Way in the World is the Vicissitudes of Life”, etc. I have also watched “Frightening Sand” and “Three-Eighth Line”, which are all works with a sense of life and death.

But such works are not yet mainstream. Why, people do not encounter the problem of life and death. As soon as a person comes to life and death, it changes immediately.

When hungry, put a rose on one side and a gun on the other side. If you see what he touches, he must touch the gun when he goes up, because the gun can solve the problem of eating. If he is full, he must touch roses. Touching roses does not solve the problem, but it can gain a good reputation.

This article was originally published in the fifth issue of “Economic Tribune” in 2021

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