Kuaishou Express Edition Capture Cookie

Note : Only available for Android , no root required

If you haven’t registered, you can scan the code on微信register.

preparation tools

packet capture

  1. Open the Little Yellow Bird APP and follow the prompts to install the SSL certificate

  2. Select the three bars in the upper left corner -> target application -> search for快手极速版and select it

  3. Click on the small blue plane in the lower right corner to start capturing packets

  4. Open the Kuaishou Express APP, click去赚钱, and keep clicking继续until the pop-up window disappears, then you can switch to the Little Yellow Bird APP

  5. Search in the upper right corner of the Little Yellow Bird APP -> Include Cookies, return to find the domain name as shown below

  6. Switch to the请求, click Cookie to enter, find the following and long press to copy


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