La Lucerne, Saint Denis

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Georges Seurat, the inventor of Pointillism, is known for creating lively compositions using short, unmixed, intensely coloured brushstrokes. In this work, you can see farm buildings and houses in the distance through a field of alfalfa, interspersed with red poppies. It is part of the vast plain that separated Paris from Saint-Denis (now the northern suburb of the capital) in the 19th century.

Side note: Seurat’s other work, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte , pioneered Neo-Impressionism, changed the direction of modern art, and is one of the hallmarks of late 19th-century painting. one. You can get its prints at the Daily Art Store ! Plus we want to share everything you need to know about A Sunday Afternoon at Big Bowl Island. : )

65.30 x 81.30 cm


National Galleries of Scotland

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