Langhe Medical has completed more than 100 million yuan in Series B financing

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Chuangyebang was informed that on April 19, Langhe Medical, a Chinese technology company focusing on the research and development of flexible endoscopic surgical robotic technology through natural orifices, announced that it has completed a B round of financing totaling more than 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Yinglian Health Fund, and new and old shareholders such as Qianhou Yingkang Fund, Xie Li Investment, and Tai Kun Fund under Hong Kong Yue Capital continued to add.

The purpose of this round of financing is to expand the company’s leading edge in the field of natural orifice surgical robots and minimally invasive pulmonary interventional precision diagnosis and treatment, accelerate the clinical and commercial progress of related product portfolios, and provide subversion for various diseases including lung cancer. A unique platform-based minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment solution.

Founded in 2015, Langhe Medical is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of early accurate diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Longhe Medical was founded by industry insiders from colleges and universities at home and abroad. The precise diagnosis technology of lung cancer developed by the company has applied for a number of Chinese invention patents, and a number of innovative diagnosis and interventional treatments are international firsts. Longhe Medical’s vision is to be an innovator and leader in the field of precision diagnosis and interventional therapy for lung cancer worldwide.

Dr. Ma Jiajun, founder and CEO of Langhe Medical, said: “Thanks to the new and old shareholders for their trust and support in Langhe Medical. Langhe Medical will continue to follow the innovative path of combining medicine and engineering, focusing on minimally invasive and precise diagnosis and treatment through natural orifices. The research and development and application of technology will achieve multi-indication coverage and multi-technology integration, create a new generation of surgical solutions through natural orifices, continue to promote the development of medical technology, and contribute to Healthy China 2030.”

Yinglian Health Fund said: “Lung cancer is one of the top cancer diseases in China. Patients are troubled by difficult biopsy and severe trauma. Surgical robots will provide more accurate solutions. Internationally, giants such as Johnson & Johnson and Intuitive Surgery are in the The field of flexible bronchial surgical robots has been deployed, and the sales of their respective products have increased rapidly in the past few years. Langhe’s transbronchial surgical robot research and development progress is at the forefront of the country, and the product line in the field of respiratory intervention is extensive. After the products are launched one after another, It will provide better solutions for Chinese doctors and patients.”

Xie Li Investment said: “Longhe Medical is in the field of minimally invasive and non-invasive lung diagnosis and treatment. There are many unmet clinical needs and broad development prospects in this field. Since Xieli became a shareholder in Longhe in the A round, the company’s business has developed rapidly. The forward-looking layout in the field of surgical robots has achieved remarkable results. Xie Li Investment is firmly optimistic about the Langhe management team. It has continued to invest in the past rounds of financing, and continues to increase its investment in this round of financing. We are confident that Langhe will become a domestic company. The leader of the natural orifice diagnosis and treatment technology for the lungs is full of confidence.”

The person in charge of the Taikun Fund project said: “In recent years, including lung cancer, respiratory diseases, etc., with high incidence and younger age, traditional diagnosis and treatment methods have certain limitations, and there are a large number of unmet clinical needs. New products and new therapies represented by flexible robots. And new technologies are becoming more and more mature, its safety and effectiveness have been clinically verified, and the market potential is huge. Based on its visualized and intelligent navigation technology platform and flexible robot technology platform, Langhe Medical has laid out multiple product lines for diagnosis and treatment, for Clinicians and patients provide complete, integrated technology and product solutions.”


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