Language Reactor – Easy Learning: Watching TV Shows and Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Chrome]

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Language Reactor is a Chrome extension specially used to learn foreign languages ​​while watching dramas, such as online videos, local videos, supports any video with subtitles, even .txt text files, it will list the subtitles, support Every time a line is played, it will pause, allowing you to think or repeat the playback. The mouse will also display the specific information of the word when the mouse stays on the subtitle, allowing you to learn an authentic foreign language in a relaxed environment. @Appinn

Language Reactor - 轻松学:边看剧,边学外语[Chrome]

Thanks to @guoyu for the recommendation:

I accidentally saw someone recommend Language Reactor in the feed, and I tried it and found that this thing is really strong! With this, watching videos to learn languages ​​is good. There is no need to go to school at all…

Language Reactor - 轻松学:边看剧,边学外语[Chrome] 1

The Internet has made learning within reach, but the threshold for learning itself is extremely high, and it will not become easy because of the Internet.

There has always been an excellent way to learn a foreign language: find a video you like, watch it many times, from Chinese subtitles to foreign subtitles, no need for subtitles, this process does not take long until the dialogue is fully cooked. And Language Reactor can make this process more efficient.

Language Reactor Learn new languages ​​happily and efficiently by watching foreign language movies and TV shows

Language Reactor does not limit language, it can even be used to learn Chinese, it only needs a video with dialogue, subtitles, and translated subtitles. Of course, it has built-in YouTube and Netflix, which can realize functions such as bilingual subtitles, automatic pause, and repeat playback.

Due to the large number of local video resources in YouTube and the automatic translation function, it can be said that learning resources are inexhaustible, and you can always find the content you like and learn it.

Language Reactor - 轻松学:边看剧,边学外语[Chrome] 2

The built-in TurleTube is actually a graded video where you can go from level 1 to level 10. The little frog chose to learn Chinese, and I really saw that there is such a video🙈

Language Reactor will also modify the YouTube interface to be more suitable for learning, such as only searching for videos with subtitles, specifying the language, etc., so it is difficult to get started, of course, you can not change the appearance, or the familiar look.

Finally, since there is no shortcut to learning, just leave a link:



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