Late Exclusive丨A new version of Model Y will be released, and the battery is from CATL; Hou Xiaonan, President of China Literature Group, is also the head of Tencent Animation

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CATL to supply M3P batteries to Tesla in the fourth quarter

The popular Model Y has a new version

“LatePost” exclusively learned that CATL will supply Tesla with M3P batteries in the fourth quarter of this year, which will be installed in Model Y models using 72-degree battery packs. This version of Model Y will be available early next year. The lithium manganese iron phosphate material used in the Ningde era M3P battery will be supplied by German Nano, which plans to put into production 110,000 tons of lithium manganese iron phosphate material in the second half of this year.

Model Y is currently the world’s best-selling new energy vehicle, with 314,000 units sold in the first half of this year. At present, Model Y has 3 versions of standard battery life (545 kilometers), long battery life (660 kilometers) and high performance (615 kilometers), of which the standard battery life version is equipped with a 60-degree lithium iron phosphate battery, and the long-life version and high-performance version are equipped with 78 degrees Ternary lithium battery.

According to industry insiders, the energy density of M3P batteries is 15%-20% higher than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries, reaching 210 Wh/kg, and the cost is comparable to that of lithium iron phosphate batteries. This means that the battery capacity of an M3P battery of the same weight will be 15-20% higher than that of a lithium iron phosphate battery. The unit of battery capacity is “degrees”, or kilowatt-hours (KWh).

If calculated in 20% increments, the weight of the 72-degree M3P battery pack is equivalent to the weight of the 60-degree battery pack used in the current Model Y standard battery life version, and the battery life is longer. And because the price of the battery is mainly affected by the battery capacity, the battery pack of this version of the Model Y will be cheaper than the current long-range version (78-degree battery).

Among the explosive models of the Model Y, a more competitive new version may be born.

Tesla CEO Musk said in March this year that he is optimistic about the technical solution of applying manganese in batteries, and Tesla has been trying to use manganese in batteries. A Tesla source told LatePost that Tesla is also deploying lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries internally, but the development cycle is long, and Tesla will first purchase lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries from suppliers. After completing the sample test, it generally takes only 3 months for Tesla to purchase the battery to the final mass production.

Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate (LMFP) battery is an improvement on the basis of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery. The battery category is usually named after the cathode material it uses. Adding manganese element to the currently used lithium iron phosphate positive electrode material can be made into a lithium iron manganese phosphate positive electrode material, which is used to manufacture a lithium manganese iron phosphate battery.

The lithium iron manganese phosphate route can be divided into two types: one is to use 100% lithium iron manganese phosphate material as the positive electrode, and the other is to dope the lithium iron manganese phosphate material with other materials such as aluminum or magnesium to make the positive electrode.

The cathode material of Ningde era M3P battery is doped with ternary lithium material and lithium manganese iron phosphate material. This solution can solve the problems of short cycle life and large internal resistance of lithium manganese iron phosphate battery.

According to a previous report by LatePost , power battery manufacturers such as BYD, Xinwangda and Yiwei Lithium Energy are currently deploying lithium iron manganese phosphate battery routes, and some manufacturers have begun to send samples to car companies for testing.

“LatePost” also learned that one of the technical directions of NIO’s research battery is also lithium manganese iron phosphate battery, and the technical route is similar to that of Ningde era M3P battery.

The power battery industry believes that lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries will gradually replace ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries and become the mainstream solution for phosphate batteries. Another major type of power battery is the ternary lithium battery. In the first half of this year, the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries accounted for 58.5% and 41.4%, respectively.

M3P batteries are an important part of CATL’s future passenger vehicle solutions. Wu Kai, the chief scientist of CATL, said at the World Power Battery Conference last week that CATL will divide new energy vehicles into three market segments: 1,000 kilometers of battery life, 700 kilometers of battery life and 300-500 kilometers of battery life. In the mainstream new energy vehicle market of 700 kilometers, CATL’s solution is the M3P battery + Kirin battery structure. The two techniques can be used in combination.

Kirin battery is a battery pack technology released by CATL in June this year. By improving the structure of the battery pack, the technology can increase the space utilization rate of the battery pack from 56% to 72%, and can pack 16% more in the same space than before. ‘s battery. (Text, edited by Li Zinan, Cheng Manqi)

Adjustment of the head of Tencent’s animation business department

Hou Xiaonan, President of China Literature

“LatePost” exclusively learned that Hou Xiaonan, president of China Literature Group and vice president of Tencent Online Video, has also served as general manager of Tencent’s animation business department since this month, and is fully responsible for the business and team management of the department, reporting to Tencent COO Ren Yuxin; at the same time, Hou Xiaonan The China Literature Group continued to report to Cheng Wu. Zou Zhengyu, the former head of Tencent’s animation business and deputy general manager, has left Tencent Group.

Hou Xiaonan’s concurrent post this time shows that Reading will further increase the animation adaptation of online texts. According to the established goal, the two parties will make anime adaptations of more than 100 online novels in the future.

In 2020, the management of China Literature Group will change. Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Group, and Hou Xiaonan, vice president of Tencent’s platform and content business group, will serve as the new CEO and president, respectively, for a three-year term. In terms of division of labor, Cheng Wu is responsible for formulating the company’s overall strategy, as well as focusing on copyright and IP development; Hou Xiaonan assists in management, and is directly responsible for the free and paid reading business, reporting to Cheng Wu.

In two years, China Reading Group turned losses. After several major online reading products reorganized their respective positioning and launched free content, the overall number of monthly active users also increased from the previous decline. For the whole year of 2021, the monthly active users of Yuewen’s online reading products increased by 8.6% year-on-year, of which the number of daily active users of free reading exceeded 10 million, an increase of 50%.

However, as the overall online reading market has entered a saturation period, copyright and IP development have become increasingly relied upon for Reading. According to the 2021 financial report, China Literature’s own copyright operating income reached 2.14 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%, much higher than the growth rate of online business revenue.

In 2021, under the promotion of Cheng Wu, China Literature Group will cooperate closely with Tencent Animation and Tencent Pictures. Zou Zhengyu, then the head of Tencent’s animation business, once came to China Literature and worked concurrently at this time. Zou Zhengyu joined Tencent in 2005 and has held various positions in the Marketing Department and Copyright Business Department.

“LatePost” learned that after Zou Zhengyu entered Reading, he led the core team of Tencent Animation to set up the Reading and Animation Decision Committee to promote the animation of online literature IP. After that, China Literature adjusted its organizational structure and merged the Copyright Marketing Department and the Copyright Development Department. Zou Zhengyu also served as the head of the new department and reported to Cheng Wu. He also participated in promoting the related business of Yuewen Pictures.

In recent years, the supervision of the film and television industry has been increasingly strengthened, and animation has become an increasingly important bearing form for the adaptation of online literature IP.

In the past few years, Tencent has obtained a large number of leading animation IPs through investment and acquisitions, as well as opportunities for in-depth cooperation with senior animation teams. In July 2022, Tencent completed the acquisition of Animation Hall, which is also a first-line animation company in the animation industry.

According to statistics from We Media Sanwen Entertainment, Tencent and China Reading have filed more than 50 online animations this year, and have reached cooperation with more than 10 animation production companies. At present, the reading online novels that have been adapted into animation works include “Breaking the Sky”, “Versatile Mage”, “Douluo Continent”, and “Under One Person”. (Text | Gao Honghao)

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