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I know that no one actually reads my blog, but I feel sorry for not writing anything for three months. Since July, the temperature in Shanghai has continued to be high, and the evening wind after get off work is hot. When I get home, I just want to take a shower and sleep.

Not stop but transform

The life of two people is very sweet, but the trivial things in life will still occupy a lot of spare time. Going out for shopping, eating and drinking on weekends, the happy time will pass by in a flash, the week will end, and another busy week will begin.

I think that instead of sitting in front of the computer and fiddling with gadgets that I don’t know what to do, cooking, shopping, and watching beautiful scenery with my loved ones are the focus of my life. Haha, the point is not to play, but to go with her.

In the future, this blog may update less technical articles, and slowly it will be transformed into an essay blog, but traditional craftsmanship cannot be lost, right?

new project

In order to make the blog content more pure, I wrote a new website:, I will put all technical types of articles on this new website, and new ideas will be updated on it in the future.

This website is still a demo version, and there may be strange bugs. After all, this is the first time I have written this kind of website. As for why to do this website, that idea has been in my mind for many years.

A long time ago, I encountered a problem and searched on the Internet. Most of the time, I could get the correct answer quickly. However, in recent years, because the unscrupulous webmasters started to set up garbage station groups and then frantically brushed the rankings, many problems were basically the first. A page of results are invalid.

In addition, some of the website bookmarks that I had collected in the past were gradually unable to be opened. At that time, the idea of ​​​​creating a knowledge base of our own gradually emerged, but later because I was completely unfamiliar with this topic and the needs were not clear, so I put it on hold.

Later, I tried some open source wiki programs, all of which are not suitable for me. After I came into contact with flask last year, I found that network programming is really interesting, and I can do a lot of fun things.

In the future, this new website will serve as the distribution center for all technical articles, and the blog itself will only update some thoughts and life.

some crooked

Writing programs is a lot of trouble, but writing a complete website feels quite fulfilling. This site uses the technology stack I have learned before, such as python, flask, es, and a lot of miscellaneous things about server deployment. , any craft is to practice makes perfect, if it is not used often, it will be abandoned sooner or later.

PS: The cover image is where I want to play.

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