Leapmotor T03 price increases again, the highest increase is 6600 yuan

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 Titanium Media App reported on August 1st, on July 31st, Leapmotor released a "Note on the Price Adjustment of Leapmotor T03". Leapmotor said that due to factors such as rising upstream raw material prices, Leapmotor will adjust the official guide price after subsidies for all T03 models (except the 2022 T03 special edition), and the adjusted guide price will be on August 1, 2022. It will take effect at 00:00. Leaprun T03 has a total of 6 versions, star diamond version, Haoyu version, amber version, agate version, Yaojin version and 2022 special edition. The range of this price increase covers the first five models, and the price increase ranges from 5,600 to 5,600 yuan. 6600 yuan. (Source: Interface)

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