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Behind the small mourning is attachment

Our daily griefs (small but definite depressions) are actually rooted in some kind of attachment to us.

(Attachment is a psychological term that refers to attaching a sense of security to some behavior or thing or person).

List a few attachment behaviors:

  • Overeating : There is nothing wrong with eating itself, but if you habitually take eating as a way of comforting yourself, you will not be able to stop once you eat. If things go on like this, you will feel bad and even worsen your health. Attachment, which is expressed here as covering up pain with food, attachment to a certain food, must eat every day; or attachment to eating all the things on the plate, whether or not you have eaten enough.
  • Overworked : Overworked, possibly obsessed with getting as much work done as possible in order to feel “worth it”.
  • Postponing Procrastination : There are many reasons for procrastination, and one of them may be an attachment to wanting to get things done right, to achieve a specific effect.
  • Disappointment to Others : Attachment here can be getting others to behave the way I want them to, or making them feel good about us.
  • Sensory overload : stems from a sense of order in the senses, a need for simplicity, or having to know exactly what to do.
  • Social Addiction : Coming from an obsession with comfort and leisure.
  • Clutter : Too much clutter, which can mean that we have attachments to the comfort and security of shopping and receiving mail packages, attachments to possessions for emotional reasons, or the ones mentioned in “Postponing Procrastination” above attachment.
  • Social Anxiety : Social anxiety has many causes, but attachment can come from other people’s evaluations, or our feelings about security and affection.

I say that the reason behind these problems is some kind of attachment complex, not to pretend that these problems are easy to deal with, or deny their existence. I just wanted to say that attachment may be at the heart of these issues, nothing more.

If this idea is correct…

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