Li Keqiang sends a congratulatory letter to the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference

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 Titanium Media App reported on August 27 that Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter to the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference on August 27.  Li Keqiang said that China is a big country in the production and consumption of automobiles. In recent years, the new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly, and its production, sales and ownership ranks among the top in the world, and it has entered a period of comprehensive market expansion. The development of new energy vehicles is not only conducive to advanced manufacturing and green and low-carbon development, but also to enriching consumer choices and providing high-quality products.  Li Keqiang pointed out that China, as the largest developing country in the world, needs to carry out extensive international cooperation whether it is dealing with climate change or promoting green and low-carbon development. For a long time, China has carried out exchanges and cooperation in the fields of equipment, technology, and standards with countries with relatively early development of the automobile industry, which not only realizes complementary advantages, but also jointly promotes the development and upgrading of the industry. Our support policy for the new energy vehicle industry is in line with international rules, and treats all new energy vehicle companies registered in China equally. China will continue to deepen international cooperation in related fields of the new energy automobile industry with an open attitude, promote development through cooperation, and promote upgrading through development, so as to better achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with all parties, and jointly plan a new chapter for the development of the automobile industry and the global economy. The sustainable development of society adds new momentum. (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

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