Liancheng CNC: Li Chunan’s alleged insider trading does not involve the stock of listed companies


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 On August 21, the Titanium Media App reported that Liancheng NC disclosed the record form of investor relations activities. Chairman Li Chunan’s alleged insider trading did not involve the stocks of listed companies. The investigation matters were only for the chairman’s personal investigation. Affect the normal production and operation activities of the company. At present, the company's single crystal furnace business is in the first echelon in the market, but due to the bottleneck of production capacity, business development has limitations. In terms of silicon carbide equipment, it is an important part of the company's development plan, and there are currently orders in hand. Previously, the cooperative R&D project between the company and Tongji University involved gallium oxide, but whether it will be applied in actual business in the future, the company is planning and promoting it. At present, the company's shareholding subsidiary Laplace occupies a leading position in the field of TOPCON batteries, and its second-phase factory in Wuxi has been officially opened.

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