Liao Lujiang, the former CEO of Dafa Real Estate, became the COO of BOE Innovation Center

Liao Lujiang, the former CEO of Dafa Real Estate, has recently joined BOE as the COO of the innovation center, in charge of the operation of the innovation center. According to the data, Liao Lujiang holds a master’s degree in public administration from Tsinghua University and an executive MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; since 2006, he has served as the deputy general manager of human resources and the human resources director of Longfor Real Estate Co., Ltd. in Beijing Longfor Real Estate; in January 2011, Liao Lujiang He joined Shimao Real Estate. On February 6, 2013, he was appointed as the Executive Director of Shimao Real Estate, and served as the Chief Operating Officer, responsible for Shimao Real Estate’s corporate operation management, human resources and information systems. In February 2018, he joined Dafa as an executive director and CEO, responsible for the daily operation and management of the company; he later resigned in January 2022.

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