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Last Friday, I had a sudden pain in the cervical spine. I thought it was a stiff neck at first. Who knew that I was so sore in one day that I could only stay in bed for 3 days. After taking diclofenac sodium sustained-release capsules, I could walk on the ground on Monday. The physical examination for the first two years did say that there was a problem with the cervical spine, and I never felt any obvious pain was ignored.

When I lay in bed for a few days, I wonder, is life in motion or stillness?

In daily life, everyone says to exercise regularly. In terms of purpose, most people may insist on exercising to live a few more years, but it seems that there is no evidence to support whether insisting on exercise can help longevity. Athletes generally do not. longevity.

On the contrary, the long-lived star in the animal kingdom – the turtle, seems to be slow in action, but has a long life.

Looking at the situation around you, one thing is certain. Under the same medical level, longevity depends more on genes. Children with long-lived parents generally live longer.

Longevity also seems to be related to personality. When genetic conditions are similar, people who have a bold or gentle personality, and who do not hold back and are not easy to get angry seem to live longer.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to affect life expectancy whether or not you exercise. Many people around you who did too much work when you were young or who worry about all kinds of things when you are old don’t seem to live long. On the contrary, they are old people who are not as fierce as they are when they are young. They also live longer (my own grandparents were 86 and 84 when they passed away. Grandma died after falling in bed because she fell 2 times in her pelvis. Grandpa died 7 days after grandma passed away because of excessive heart attack. Otherwise, grandpa would have I can still eat a stewed pig’s feet at a meal, and 2 taels of wine a day. The two old people support each other and live to 90 years old. There is no problem.) The pair of old people next door to my hometown are 90 and 88 this year, and they are still dexterous) .

I prefer that life lies in stillness, slowing down the pace of life and making the body and mind seem to be in a “slow” state, people will live longer.

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