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What are the benefits of setting your North Star indicator at “contributing value to the right people”, let me share my personal experience.

In the past, when faced with unpaid work, I always wondered whether I was being taken advantage of, but now I don’t think too much about whether I have money in the short term, because if I export value to the right person, I will always benefit in the end. The process has been achieved.

When thinking about personal “career development” in the past, there was often great uncertainty, and it was difficult to have a perfect answer. But if you think about “how to increase the value of the output” instead, it will be much simpler, and the value is the problem behind the problem.

Finally, output value and happiness are highly correlated. Consider what is best for you. Although it is in line with human nature, the utility of happiness will gradually decrease, and the happiness of output value, at least until now, the happiness I feel, all It hasn’t been decremented yet.

Try setting yourself a North Star metric.

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