Linux 2.5G USB network card driver installation RTL8156/8156B


Recently, I encountered many problems when using the 2.5G rate USB wired network card. The driver installation process is as follows. > The common 2.5G USB network cards on the market usually use RTL8156 or RTL8156B chips (for example, the 2.5G wired network cards USB-A/TyeC of GreenLink and Biaz use this chip). >If you install a 2.5G network card driver or a wireless network card in Aikuai or ESXI, please read the related articles: ” ESXI+Aikuai+LEDE uses 2.5G USB network card RTL8156 “, ” ESXi installs USB network card driver “, ” Liux installs wireless General method of network card driver “. >The following takes OMV (OeMediaVault) to install the 2.5G USB network card with RTL8156/8156B chip as an example, that is, the Deia platform (the installation method of Uutu or Kali and other distributions is the same). >

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