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I’m a person who doesn’t like listening books, and I haven’t used listening books. However, I am an old leek who got this kind of online electronic courses, and I bought a lot of them to get the courses.

Some people say that this is “the age of inability to read”, but I don’t think so. On the contrary, I feel that this is the best era for readers.

Just like I often complain, why don’t everyone’s solution to the problem should be to find the answer by themselves, read to find the answer, but choose to ask questions?

Bai Huancheng

Whether it’s listening to a book, getting a course, or even a podcast , it’s a very useful tool for me.

They helped me find joints in a field quickly, provided a series of guide books, gave me some basic information, and helped me start a new field better. For those who want to learn, these tools can help you quickly provide some key information, and then you can follow the map based on these key information to find the knowledge you want, which is very efficient, why not?

If it is guilty, I think it is the propaganda caliber of listening books and audio courses . They often hit the anxiety of urban white-collar workers and preach that “as long as you study my courses, you have learned knowledge.” This kind of false propaganda , so that many people without judgment fall into the trap of “feeling I learned”. Once you learn it, you will lose it when you use it .

When you recognize this fact, then everything is just a tool for you to learn, why not choose a better tool?

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