listen to the wind

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(I’ve said this before, but I don’t remember where it was written. I couldn’t find it on twitter or blog. I just thought of this, so I’ll write it again.)

When I first arrived in Australia, I attended some Chinese gatherings. Gradually, I felt that there was nothing to talk about, so I sat on the beach and listened to the young artists chatting with each other.

: I like reading very much, how about you?

:I would also like! Do you have any favorite writers?

: I just read Haruki Murakami recently.

: Ah, I also like Haruki Murakami, who wrote “Norwegian Woods”, right? But that book was too cheesy, and I prefer some of his earlier works.

: …?

: Well, like, like… what’s that?

(I couldn’t help listening to it): Listen to the wind?

:exactly! Overheard! I have seen this!

: Ah, you like eavesdropping too! I like it too!

: blah blah

Then the topic switched seamlessly to Wu Yanzu and Louis Koo. I’m beside…  

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