Lithium battery company “Jiemeng Smart” completed nearly 300 million yuan in strategic financing


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Recently, Guangdong Jiemeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has completed a strategic round of financing of nearly 300 million yuan. This round of financing will accelerate the company’s future core product testing process, promote the research and development process of multiple projects under development, and expand the company’s research and development team.

This round of financing was led by Nanjing Huatai Zijin Emerging Industry Fund, a subsidiary of Huatai Zijin, and 11 investment institutions and industrial capital including Hanhui Capital, CDH Investment, Sunwangda, SAIC Hengxu, and Trina Solar participated in the investment.

Jiemeng Intelligent was established in 2019 by coating technology experts and lithium battery coil processing experts. Its core team has decades of design experience in the field of lithium battery equipment. It is one of the earliest R&D teams engaged in lithium battery equipment in China. Has rich experience in R&D, mass production and market introduction of lithium battery equipment. The company concentrates its advantageous resources, and mainly develops, designs, produces and sells lithium battery front-end equipment and lithium battery material manufacturing equipment products. At present, the company’s main products include: lithium battery primer coating equipment, lithium battery separator coating equipment, optical film coating equipment, film slitting equipment, composite stripping equipment, substrate surface treatment equipment, and has been combined with power battery technology and process development trends Several products under research have been reserved.

Jiao Junfeng, chairman of Jiemeng Intelligence, said: “The new funds will accelerate the company’s future core product testing process, promote the research and development of multiple ongoing projects, expand the company’s R&D team, and create safe, efficient and intelligent new energy equipment solutions for customers. .Jiemeng Intelligence is growing rapidly. Facing the industry’s demand for high-performance lithium batteries, the company has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, continuously introduced and trained professional and technical personnel, improved the management system, and improved modern enterprise services. Provide high-quality, personalized products to domestic and foreign customers.”

Yang Wei, investment director of Huatai Zijin, said: “As downstream applications such as electric vehicles and lithium battery energy storage transition from the demonstration stage to the commercialization stage, lithium batteries are developing in the direction of higher density, higher safety, and higher speed. New battery technology The requirements for production equipment have also been continuously upgraded. The team members with founder Jiao Junfeng as the core have been deeply involved in the lithium battery industry for many years, and have a deep understanding of battery production process equipment. At present, the company’s lithium battery primer and other equipment have become most downstream customers in the industry The first choice of the company, the market share continues to maintain the leading position, and the company’s product line expands to photovoltaic, semiconductor and other fields. The company has built a competitive R&D platform, and has a stable supply chain and strong service support capabilities, showing a huge Development potential.”

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