Litzlberger Keller Restaurant

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Today is the last day of Special Collaboration Month at the Leopold Museum . We hope you enjoy this museum! We wanted to close the event with a beautiful and calming landscape created by Gustav Klimt. Enjoy!

A close-up view of the Litzlberger Keller restaurant shows that the work was painted on a boat. Yet this oil painting, commissioned by Otto Primavesi (1868-1926), is strongly reminiscent of a “letter” sent by Gustav Klimt to his friend in Vienna card”. So his hypothesis of using these cards (or photos) as templates for crop views may be true. As he often did in landscape paintings, Klimt excluded all human presence from the depiction and focused only on the structure of nature, creating a painting that was delicate and atmospheric.

Otto Primavisi was the patron of the Vienna workshop in 1914 and an ardent patron and supporter of the arts. During the First World War, he often invited artists, including Klimt, to live in his country house. Otto commissioned Klimt to paint his young daughter Mada and his wife Eugenia between 1913 and 1914. We have shown both paintings before; browse our archives to find them.

Here’s an interesting fact… The Litzlberger Keller restaurant was a beer warehouse in the late 18th century and is still open to the public.

Side note: here you can explore the unknown world of Klimt’s landscape paintings <3

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