Liu Cixin regrets resigning: most people need a job to guarantee creativity

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The recent news of Liu Cixin regretting his resignation made me very emotional. Although freelancing is good, it is not a smooth road. Most people need a job to ensure creativity.

Today, let’s talk about freelance work. Many people want to do freelance work. Everyone feels that freelance work is free and very happy. I’ve been freelancing myself for a long time, and I’ve been basically freelancing for two or three years.

I used to be in the company, I used to have my own company, and I used to hold positions like CTO in other companies, but in the past two years, I have completely relied on the official account and YouTube channel to survive, completely freelance , I may not even write programs recently.

Therefore, many people often come to me to ask me about the quality of freelancing and other details. For example, two days ago, a friend asked him that his work was not going well, and then the work pressure was very high, and then he was worried about the future. Ask if you can do freelance work, for example, to do APP independent development and so on.

I saw this news in the first two days. Someone interviewed Liu Cixin and said how is Liu Cixin’s recent state, how is the state of creation, is there any new novel to be written?

Liu Cixin said that he actually regretted his resignation. The title of this video is called Liu Cixin. He said that if you can’t catch a fish, you can’t write. got less.

Why are there so many questions? Let me talk to you about a few points first.

1. If you have life, you can be creative.

Like a content creator, or a writer like Liu Cixin, a very important point is life.

When Liu Cixin was working in a factory, he would come into contact with many people, but once he resigned and started his own business, he certainly did not mean that he did not have any social activities, but after social activities, he may not have a big company. , there are very few people he may come into contact with. At this time, you are actually short of life.

I am an example of this myself. I make public accounts and make videos myself. When I was at work, I often heard the programmers under my command, they complained about this and that, and then young people had all kinds of doubts, or they talked about the current society when they were having dinner and drinking after work. In the form of things, various problems, I will have a lot of inspiration for what kind of content I want to do.

but. When I have been doing my own thing for the past two years now, when I am doing my own public account, I will find that there is a big problem. For example, some time ago, it was said that many large companies were laying off employees, and immediately someone asked him, what did you think of the layoffs at that time?

I said I have no opinion. Because I haven’t been to work recently, and I have seen very few friends who work in big companies recently. Of course, a large part of this is due to the epidemic, so what’s the matter with this layoff, in fact, I Don’t know. I don’t know much so I can’t tell you all right?

So this means that when you have a social life, when you have a close social life, it can help you create, or help you understand human nature, like my current living state, of course, it is because of the epidemic, if there is no In the case of the epidemic, I eat, drink and walk outside every day, and I will still come into contact with some society.

But now the epidemic does not dare to go out, so it becomes sitting at home every day. You sit at home bored, all the things you see are online and second-hand things, you will not have a deeper understanding of the world, so it is difficult for you to make more responses, Liu Cixin may also have such a problem.

2. Have a normal work and rest in order to maintain creativity.

You can only stay creative if you have a regular routine, and a job often helps you maintain a routine. Liu Cixin actually said this too, since he resigned, he can’t guarantee that he gets up on time.

Once many people lose the ties of this kind of work, there is no strong creativity. Generally, the company requires you to go to work at 8 o’clock, and some people are late, like me, if I have work, I am often late, but you will basically keep in a state of being more energetic during the day and sleeping at night. . And after freelancing, many people are turned upside down day and night, resulting in many health and psychological problems.

At that time, when Mingyue was admitted to the customs, only 5 people were recruited in the whole country, and everyone was envious. But you know what? The “Things in the Ming Dynasty” he wrote was very profitable, and now Mingyue was a very good official in the system. His income was good in all aspects, but his main wealth still came from his book.

Those things in the Ming Dynasty are said to bring tens of millions of royalties a year. Now I don’t know if there are so many, but someone asked him that your book was so successful, why didn’t you resign?

Of course he actually has his political ambitions and ideals, which he said, but the other thing he actually said is that he can only stay creative when he has a normal job.

If you used to be in a working state to maintain a strong energy, then many people will find that once he resigns, once he is completely freelance, he will fall into a painful state. In fact, I also encountered came to this question.

I probably still had my own job until 2018. My official account date was also in 2015. At that time, my work was very busy, but I was more active in writing official accounts. I’m completely freelance now, and I often don’t find the time to write.

In fact, the big question is, once no one is staring at you, can you really say that you study every day, work hard every day, and create in a mental state every day.

When I was 14 or 15 years old, my efficiency in reading English books was amazing. I could read one English book a month. The English book I was talking about was not an English textbook, but an English novel or an English monograph or An English bestseller.

I was reading English books very intensively at that time, for example, I would hold a Kindle on the subway. I will listen to books with my iPhone while walking, but this habit will probably be gone after 2016. Why not?

It’s because I used to live in a remote place. I lived in Yangpu District, Shanghai, which was a little further north than Caida. Every time I walked to the subway station, I had to walk for 20 minutes. The subway station in Shanghai is relatively remote. I often like to go to IAPM, which is South Shaanxi Road, or to play in Pudong, so I often take the subway for 30 to 40 minutes.

I do a lot of reading on the subway because the subway is boring. Because I was near the starting station again, I often had a seat, so I often had time to read books, so I read a lot of English books at that time, but once I left this environment, it was said that I later moved to the vicinity of South Shaanxi Road, Every time I go to IAPM, it takes 5 minutes to arrive at the station, so I don’t have the habit of reading books on the subway.

Once I no longer have the habit of reading books on the subway, I will never be able to develop the habit of reading while sitting in front of my desk, because I have a computer, a mobile phone, and my gaming laptop. I have all kinds of temptations. ? So it’s hard for me to settle down and read a book.

Therefore, people often feel that they are completely autonomous, but the power of habits and the power of some ways and means of your life is very powerful. This is a problem that many people cannot imagine.

I also have a friend. He probably used to be very nervous when he went to work. He used to work overtime a lot, but he was often able to do double-day updates as a self-media. Later, he felt that he was doing a good job in self-media, so he resigned. Now, when he was working as a full-time self-media, he found that it was difficult for him to update daily or even update, and often did not update for a long time.

Then he thought at first that this meant that I couldn’t write a public account, so I made a video, but he also did very few short videos. Why?

In fact, it is because he often reverses day and night, and he cannot maintain a normal life pattern. If you cannot maintain a normal life pattern, after your biological clock is out of order, the biggest problem is that you often cannot find a person who is full of energy and emotional. Well, the spirit is also in a good state.

A model worker writer in Japan, Haruki Murakami, how self-disciplined he is. He gets up at 4 o’clock every day, and writes to take a break at 12 noon, and then goes to run another 10 kilometers at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. It is like this every day. This self-discipline is probably a character factor, but it’s also what makes him a model writer, who can write so much.

Generally speaking, we think that being a writer is a very loose profession, but in fact I have been freelance for a long time, and I have found that even if you are a loose person, you must have certain rules of work and life. , otherwise you are very difficult to output.

Yu Hua may be a counter-example. Yu Hua often said that he went to work in the cultural center because he was lazy back then, because the cultural center did not need to check in, but in fact, if you read so many Yu Hua’s books and Yu Hua’s creations, you will know who he is. A very disciplined person.

3. The “freedom” of freelance work refers to the freedom to arrange time, not to be free and loose.

Many people think that doing art, literature, and freelance work are all free and loose. In fact, freedom is really “free” means that you can arrange your time freely, but this freedom does not mean free and loose.

To give the simplest example, for example, being a director is like making a game. Many people will think that you are not about art. ,

For example, like Blizzard, which I like very much, they want to make a game, they need to cooperate with thousands of people, and he has countless materials. The same goes for the director. The director is actually a very transactional job, which actors will come every day, which actors have scenes to be filmed today, how many scenes will be filmed today, and so on. Of course, the director also has assistants and assistant directors, but what many people see as artistic, it is also an engineering thing to achieve a certain scale. Managing tens of thousands of people to make a movie is to some extent the same as managing tens of thousands of people to build a building.

It is good for us to be a self-media, and the same is true for writing an article. For example, if you want to write an article, you always have to have an idea, collect materials, write, then proofread, and then publish such a process.

You make a video, which is actually the same. Although many of us make videos, for example, I make videos, I basically don’t have very long manuscripts, but generally I don’t have verbatim manuscripts.

But I usually have an outline. The formation of this outline actually requires a period of thinking. If you didn’t think when you recorded this video before, then your video will be very, very, very expressive. Then this is also the time that must be spent.

And then you want people to think it’s interesting to talk about you, so you need to cite it, right?

Then there are a lot of small story details, you usually have to collect and organize. You can only find it when you prepare the materials, and after you have such an outline, you should probably familiarize yourself with your outline and know a general context.

For example, I used to give a speech when I only made a PPT, and I didn’t have a verbatim draft. But when you were making a PPT, you were actually thinking about this page very seriously. I’m going to talk about it for a few minutes. , I may not have a specific time, but I will probably talk about this thing in my mind called the attached manuscript, so it is probably like this when you do everything.

So I’m trying to say the last thing I want to say is that the freedom we’re after is not governed by rules and regulations that don’t make any sense.

The freedom I think is that we should not be constrained by these systems or meaningless overtime, but when you want to do one thing well, what kind of preparation do you need to do, what kind of reading do you need to do? What kind of data collection to do.

What kind of mental state do you need to do well in? This is not when we limit our freedom of creation, when doing content, when doing things, you should work hard, but you should not be judged by some meaningless Stuff is a waste of time.

So the freelance we pursue does not mean that you are freelance now, you eat and sleep hard every day, and then the money will come in the end.

There is no such good thing in this world, you still have to have fun and work hard when you need to work hard, so that you can do your freelance well, so everyone who wants to do freelance work.

I want to tell him that freelancing is not easy, although it is good, it is not easy, it is not a smooth road, you will eventually have to learn how to squeeze yourself, or how to use your energetic time most efficiently.

Then after doing what you should do in a day, how to play, how to be free, how to go to the mall when everyone else is at work, that’s no problem.

But the premise is that you want to do what you want to do well, you need to be very self-disciplined or very own way of working.

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