“Live”! Huang Guangyu’s sister Huang Xiuhong’s latest speech

On January 31, the official account of Gome published the full text of Chairman Huang Xiuhong’s speech, titled “Integrity, Innovation, Words and Deeds, and a Journey of Innovation”. Huang Xiuhong, the sister of Gome founder Huang Guangyu and chairman of Gome Electric, said at an internal meeting, “2022 is also a difficult year for Gome. The problem of survival is once again in front of us. Survival has become the core priority of our development.” 2 On March 2, Gome Retail rose sharply in the afternoon, rising by more than 20%. | Related reading (Daily Economic News)

Bing Dan

Gome’s development in the past six months is quite interesting. Maybe it’s because the market has a high awareness of Gome, a traditional brand, or because everyone is interested in Huang Guangyu’s legendary life. Gome has carried out some reforms, but the sluggish consumer market last year made Gome’s situation very dangerous, and it has reached the point where it cannot pay wages.

But even so, it seems that Gome’s stock price has risen from time to time because of some reform signals released by management such as Huang Guangyu. For example, this time, when Huang Guangyu and his younger sister came out to give an encouraging speech for the new year, Gome’s stock price rose by 20%. It’s rather strange.

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