Once made a net profit of 50 million a year, a well-known hair transplant institution was hit by thunder

I have been working in domestic head medical hair transplantation institutions for newborn hair transplantation for a few years. Seeing that the freezing period of the epidemic has passed and the store’s follow-up consultation is in sight, Yang Yu (pseudonym) was dumbfounded—on January 30, three consecutive posts were posted in the group’s Dingding group. A picture, to the effect that the main founder ran away with money, the company counted its belongings, and was preparing to reorganize or file for bankruptcy. Previously, Xinsheng Medical Cosmetology Group Co., Ltd. and three other domestic hair transplant institutions were called the “Four Hair Transplant Masters”. “The total service customer resources reached more than 200,000 people, with an average annual turnover of 300 million yuan and a net profit of 50 million yuan. increase at an annual rate of 15%. | Related reading (Daily Economic News)

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In this era when migrant workers work overtime until their heads are bald, hair transplant is really a good business. Because for hair loss, even professional hospitals do not have a better treatment method, and because of the strong demand, related companies seem to be doing well. For example, Yonghe hair transplant has already been listed.

Against the background of this industry, Xinsheng Group, which is also in the hair transplant business, unexpectedly fell to the point where it owed wages and went bankrupt. It seemed that there were problems in its own operation, such as the management team fighting openly and covertly, and the marketing and publicity continued to operate. This ending shows that even in a hot track in a hot industry, poor management can easily lead to bankruptcy.

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