Live Preview | A New Definition of a New Paradigm for Business Observation, Making Stability More Powerful

Over the years, the development of cloud-native and micro-service architectures has promoted the rapid implementation of enterprise digital transformation, not only reshaping the enterprise IT system architecture, but also changing the application R&D and operation and maintenance system. With the increasing complexity of IT systems after microservices, how to proactively predict faults and quickly locate problems in the process of O&M has increased exponentially. Traditional monitoring has been unable to meet business O&M requirements in cloud-native scenarios. In this context, “observability” came into being.

Observability includes not only traditional monitoring capabilities, but also systematic service capabilities such as intelligent operation and maintenance, distributed link tracking, and integrated monitoring and positioning. However, in China, observability is still in a relatively early stage of development and faces many problems, such as the lack of operational and maintenance capabilities from a business perspective, multiple monitoring platforms and serious fragmentation, inconsistent data standards for observability, and how to build a system suitable for its own development. Observable systems, etc. are all important concerns of enterprises.

In the past ten years, Ant Group has tempered financial-level stability + Internet operation and maintenance scenarios based on its own complex business scenarios, precipitated business scenarios visualized from a business perspective and semantic data business, so as to achieve business and application correlation mapping , When the business is abnormal, intelligent observation technology can be used to realize the ability of rapid fault location and recovery.

The business intelligence observable service is an operation and maintenance platform based on the large-scale technical risk prevention and control practice of Ant. Product features, visualize business scenarios and data business semantics, enable out-of-the-box intelligent observability capabilities for heterogeneous applications on/off the cloud, provide a full range of stability guarantees for businesses, and build a new paradigm for business observation. Make stability more powerful.

At present, the ant business intelligence observable platform has been implemented in financial institutions such as state-owned banks, city commercial banks, provincial rural credit, insurance and other financial institutions. Taking Bank of Ningbo as an example, in May of this year, Bank of Ningbo introduced a business intelligence observable service product, and created a full-link visual observation platform that was successfully launched. Fault diagnosis automation and other aspects have been significantly improved.

From 14:00-16:00 pm on August 18, 2022, Ant Digital Technology will hold an online press conference with the theme of “New Paradigm of Business Observation, Making Stability More Powerful”, which not only invites big names in the field of observability to share Industry trends, a detailed interpretation of Ant Group’s technology and practical achievements in the field of cloud native and observability, and a roundtable dialogue with four celebrities to discuss the value and challenges of observability in system stability.


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