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A lot of “interesting” things have happened in the past two days, and it’s too late to present them one by one in the daily writing. So I tried in vain to find a “common rule” that could cover these stories. I searched and searched, and I really found the basis from the Tao Te Ching in the pre-Qin period.

Let’s start with this seemingly irrelevant thing.

The first thing is that during the period of Shanghai’s epidemic closure (or global static management), Paris Baguette, which did not provide meals and profit to the surrounding residents in the production workshop indicated in the production license, was subject to illegal operations. In addition to the confiscation of illegal gains, penalties were also imposed “as appropriate”. The decision to punish Shanghai residents who experienced magical realism in April and May was dissatisfied, and they “protested” the city government’s punishment by buying Paris bagels. Of course, the punishment for Paris Baguettes has been completed, but there are no investigation results for the copycat products of the supplies distributed to citizens during the epidemic.

The second thing is that Sichuan suffered another earthquake a few days ago, but this earthquake happened to coincide with the closure of the city due to the epidemic (or principled home management). Residents who took emergency shelter because of the earthquake were either locked in the community building, or they were ordered to go home to continue isolation as soon as they arrived downstairs, otherwise the results of epidemic prevention and control would be reversed. Someone asked a lawyer online how to determine the responsibility if an earthquake requires emergency shelter, but the emergency shelter is not enough due to the epidemic closure and control. The lawyer replied: This question is too uncommon, and emergency shelter in the event of a fire should be discussed. The netizen replied: No, this really happened just now.

The third thing, a friend complained to me. His stepfather was diagnosed with a terminal illness, but at first the doctor told him there was a sign of liver cirrhosis. He didn’t believe what the doctor said, so the family did not dare to tell him the fact. And the relatives who know this fact have already begun to plan the “divide the inheritance” thing. After all, the friend’s mother was the first in line to be the heir, but the stepfather’s original eldest daughter was a very tough person, and she did not intend that this “foreigner” would get a cent of the family’s property. So the whole family was involved in the unsolvable family game. My friend asked me if there was any solution. When I said the answer, I also felt that this was an unsolvable dilemma, because the best way is to Asked his stepfather to make a will, but there was no way they would let him know that he was terminally ill. As a result, the matter of taking care of the stepfather falls on the heads of friends, and those who do not need to take care of the stepfather get endless quarrels and disputes.

The fourth thing, a blogger sent me a V2EX post. The content of the post is roughly a career preparation staff member asking for basic information on “graduation time” from young people who will not be employed until three days later, so as to complete the only missing content in the entry information. But after he asked for the information, the young man might feel that the other party’s tone was “disrespectful”, so he refused to provide the information and rejected the decision to join the institution three days later. So the PO owner posted this incident on V2EX, and took the title “Are young people so rigid now? “, you can imagine, there are all kinds of voices under this post, some of them feel that PO’s own problems are ugly, and his EQ is too low, and some feel that he is young and motivated. I think maybe this young man has long ago Road, but found a “legitimate excuse” to shirk work.

Four unrelated things, but with some interesting cores in them.

In these four things, there is a “strong” and a “weak”. The Shanghai Municipal Government punished Paris Baguette, and Paris Baguette served the citizens who were locked up during the epidemic closure (or global static management), and the contrast between the strengths and weaknesses is obvious; Management) The staff of the decree and the residents who are not allowed to take emergency shelter in the event of an earthquake crisis are obviously two complete contrasts of strength and weakness; the logic of “the dead is the greater” can also be applied to the “morning person”, so he It is the weak, and the two sides competing for the inheritance think that the other is the “strong” in each other’s rules, but the only “weak” decides to take care of the stepfather’s last life; the “group leader” in the business unit shows ” The tone of “command” has naturally acquired the identity label of “strong”, and young people, especially those with bad habits that can subvert workplace traditions, are of course “weak”, and their voices should of course be heard and approved by others .

Here again, we need to use a frequent rule that runs through the 500-day writing plan— Chinese people have always liked to analyze the “right and wrong” of a thing. How to distinguish right from wrong is not easy, because everyone has different standards for right and wrong – some people think that a boyfriend who looks at other women’s butts on the subway is cheating, but some men cheat physically You can also use “I’m in love with you in spirit” to revise the basic principle of emotionally committed relationships. It’s also hard to tell right from wrong about the four things above, because there are no actual standards to begin with.

Is it legal for the Shanghai government to punish Paris bagels? Of course, those who do not produce processed food in accordance with the location of the business license have violated the “Food Safety Law”, so his punishment is legal; the epidemic prevention and control staff do not allow citizens to leave the community, because according to grid management, one The responsibility for the closure and control of the epidemic in the area has been assigned to the staff at the bottom, so they can only use the “least trouble-free” method to maintain their jobs and avoid responsibilities; the eldest daughter wants her biological father’s inheritance and remarriage. The in-line heir wants his husband’s estate, and there is no right or wrong in itself; as for the behavior of the “team leader” asking the new employee’s non-sensitive information, it may be that he has been in such an official-based environment for too long. Among them, it is inevitable that there will be a “state-owned enterprise tone”, but there is no right or wrong in his behavior of asking for information to help new employees complete the entry information.

If everything is based on the above thinking angle, then these four things will be completely indistinguishable from right and wrong, and there is no way for people to find their own “line” in these things. Therefore, people have found the most direct and most effective “standard for dividing right and wrong” – the comparison of strength and weakness.

So you see, when the above four things have a strong and weak comparison, it is easy for people to find the right and wrong among them, and at the same time complete their own team and team. Then if we remove the rule of “comparison of strength and weakness”, these four things seem to have little to do with us, because they can happen in any form, just to see if the iron fist has hit us on the head difference.

But from another angle, if there was no punishment for Paris Baguette by the Shanghai government, how many people would still thank Paris Baguette, and maybe even someone would stand up and accuse it with justice and sternness, and began to wonder if it was released during the epidemic. What is “disaster wealth”? If an earthquake strikes, citizens gain the ability to escape from danger, but other people from the closed community run out, causing the entire block to become a high-risk area. Will those who used to be quiet in the past still forgive these emergency escape residents? ? If there were no disputes about inheritance, would these people really go and do their filial piety to that man? If this person is not a staff member of a state-owned enterprise, but an ordinary boss, and the recruitment matters that were originally negotiated with the other party were finally reported, would people blame the young man who did not have the spirit of contract?

Lao Tzu in the pre-Qin period had already seen through all this, so he wrote it out in the “Tao Te Ching”. and wrong.

When the Great Dao is abolished, there is benevolence and righteousness; when wisdom emerges, there is great hypocrisy;

Chapter 18 of Tao Te Ching – Excerpts

Yes, it’s that simple. Because each of these four things and the outcome of each of their actions are in the mystery of this sentence. When the Great Dao is abolished and people feel that the rules are inhumane, they will show their humaneness; when people learn to be smart, there will be brainwashing and deception using smarts, and even smart people are treated like fools As for filial piety, it is only really revealed when family conflicts occur. Those who take care of the elderly until the last moment, according to the Chinese-style script, they often do not get the proper end they deserve. people.

These relationships are bound to arise, because they are two sides of the same body coexisting with each other in a logical rule, and if one of them perishes, the other will also disappear. The same is true of the “contrast of strength and weakness”. If it disappears, the “right and wrong” in people’s hearts will also disappear immediately, and since then, the group of those rabble will also collapse.

In addition, in the eighteenth chapter of the Tao Te Ching, there is actually half a sentence, but I think this sentence may be erased.

“The country is in chaos, and there are loyal ministers.”

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