long lost business trip 2

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Haikou, the second stop of the business trip

The last time I came to Haikou was 20 years ago. At that time, I flew to Haikou first, followed my parents to the beach and returned disappointed—the sea water was as dark as blue-black ink. After going to Sanya in a few days, I realized that the sea water can be so blue and so beautiful!#20

It’s a pity that this business trip is only in Haikou hahaha, so it’s hard to see the sea in Haikou~ After dinner, I went to a beach that hasn’t been developed much, and there are few people. When taking pictures, there was a passer-by lady who was in the mirror perfectly. The photos were taken poorly, but the pictures are beautiful…

On the way to eat by boat, I found that the sky is so high and wide, the beautiful scenery that makes people relax physically and mentally, and the mouth-watering food~ (Then I just focus on eating, and drink “Hainan Moutai”, a table of food forgets Taken, not a single picture…)

People can’t help but take a few more photos of the sunset, although they are all blurry, but they are still beautiful~


This trip to Hainan coincided with a meeting of leaders to propose reducing travel costs, so everyone had to travel by train and had to sleep hard. You said that it’s okay to arrive after a night’s sleep, but there is a ferry in the middle of going to Hainan. When the train disintegrates and disembarks and assembles (it takes about 2 hours) there is no air conditioning … In this weather, there is no air conditioner. Air conditioning, understand everything.

On the return trip from Haikou, our car was old, and there was no air conditioning for 3.5 hours from the time we got on the car until the assembly was completed and before the catenary power supply started. (Next time you go to Haikou and call me thank you!)

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