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  • Kenough
  • “Support and affirmation” (just filter these and listen)
  • Face your own work
  • This episode is too…disgusting


  • Breeding pig No. 11 hahaha
  • The Great Demon Realm of the Kingdom of Heaven is not over, chasing after a lonely
  • The path in the computer is also a small path, with many secret arrivals
  • “We also believe that we are in the early stages of long-term growth in the alternative investment industry, which presents significant opportunities for further expansion of Blackstone’s business.”
  • “Blackstone hit a huge milestone — its total AUM rose from $991.3 billion at the end of the first quarter to It climbed from US$940.8 billion in the same period last year to US$1 trillion in the second quarter of this year.”
  • “In the United States, where hostile takeovers were popular in the 1980s, Blackstone insisted on an anti-trend rule—friendly takeovers: “We sell an idea that you can trust us and we’ll be with you,” Peterson said. It was weird back then, but it worked. “”
  • “Already seeing inflation trending down, lending in the current environment is an attractive opportunity with risk rewards that are probably among the highest we’ve seen in a long time,” Blackstone Chief Financial Officer Michael Chae said. .And for other forms of private placement credit, whether it is asset-backed credit or real estate credit, from the perspective of risk and return, now is also a very good time to invest.”
  • “In terms of the impact of squats on the waist, front squats have less impact on the waist. Because the weight of front squats is more concentrated on the quadriceps of the thighs, and the upper body is required to do squats. Keep straight, and the back squat can’t do it. If the practitioner has a bad waist but wants to do squats, then it is recommended to use the front squat.”
  • Taxi driver said Haidian layoffs at least 1/3


  • “Can’t communicate, no one communicates, no one communicates.”
  • “There are gods on the front line”
  • It’s fun to be a god
  • Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are not your country


  • There is a lot of laughter, and the laughter of middle-aged people is full of sadness and sorrow. A tool to relieve worries, drink and have fun, and get through difficult times.
  • “Berkshire has never been a closed-end fund. We’ve always liked running companies more than buying and selling securities. Berkshire owns a lot of securities and also has a lot of large companies running businesses.”


  • “American communication scholar Paul Levinson once said poetically: mobile phones are like cells, “wherever they go, they can generate new societies, new possibilities, and new relationships” (Paul Levinson, 2004) This may be the real experience of most of our mobile phone users, but the media environment school somewhat ignores the different situations that media technology may encounter in the diffusion and use of different social groups and social relations. This mechanism of mobile phones is The group of taxi drivers in the county did not play any role. They do not seem to have the habit of using mobile phones to “generate” new social relationships anytime and anywhere. Their mobile phones are rarely used to establish new relationships, and even the passengers and Shixia aborigines they come into contact with every day are rarely included in their contact list.”
  • Digital operations (in-depth user communication and outreach) seem to be a new business paradigm
  • (Under Banana) “Product planning. Our product planning method is unique, including cross-border research, in-depth inspection and goal achievement. Cross-border research. In order to solve consumers’ needs and pain points, the product manager’s research is not limited to a single category. In-depth Examination. We conduct in-depth inspections through “real use”, “real viewing” and “true listening”. “True use” refers to trying similar products and gaining first-hand product experience from the perspective of consumers. reach the goal. A unique approach to product planning allows us to achieve our goal of bringing two “moments of truth” to our clients. The first “moment of truth” refers to the moment of purchase, when our customers are amazed by the practical functions and beautiful appearance of our products. The second “critical moment” refers to the surprise performance of our products during the use of customers. “
  • Sitting can also be tiring…
  • “Looking for Cognition Like Size Effects”
  • “Value Investing, Competitive Advantage, Social Value Determines Commercial Value, Scale Effect”. Of course.
  • Fuck, this sweet-scented osmanthus wine brewed yogurt is too stupid, it smells like rancid…
  • It’s a pleasure to meet seniors
  • 0.5 male


  • Insect Ninja! Q Taro!
  • Precise definition of self, always from his own mouth (in his own common vocabulary)
  • The technical foundation (technical background) of different eras is completely different, and the technological extreme products produced are also very different
  • Waiting for the packaged dishes… stewed in the iron pot, drooling…


  • On the way home, I saw a passer-by’s shoes. After searching, I found out that Nike has official hook and barb styles.
  • Proving once again that male friendship is mentally handicapped
  • “If the superconductivity of LK-99 is confirmed, it could have a huge impact on various industries and technologies, such as power generation, transmission, storage, antennas, magnet applications and electric motors, etc.”
  • Mo Da is really beautiful
  • I want to go to Moscow to see Mo Da, make a wish

One hundred thousand miles in Chang’an

  • Buku, that is, Manchu wrestling, is the most important fighting skill of the Eight Banners in the Qing Dynasty, and it is the main technique of contemporary Beijing wrestling. The original meaning of Buku in Manchu is “wrestler” and “Hercules”. The word comes from Mongolian “Boke”. Buku Opera”, “Yanbuku”, “Wrestling”, “Jiaodi”, “Sumo”, “Wrestling” and other different names.
  • Wrestling in the Liao and Jin Dynasties is also called “Ba Li Su” (i.e. Jiaosacral), inherited from Xiongnu and Rouran. Khitan people love horn sacrum very much, because horn sacral exercise was a very common recreational activity in the Liao Dynasty, and it was also highly valued. It is not only a competitive activity, but also an indispensable performance at banquets and gatherings , is often arranged as the last appearance as a wonderful finale.
  • Yelang, also known as Yelang Kingdom, is a country in the so-called Southwestern Yi in the Han Dynasty of China. The central position of Yelang has not yet been determined, and there are also great differences in the understanding of the academic circles. Some scholars believe that it is located in Liupanshui and Bijie, Guizhou today. Yelang called himself “Zina”, and was at the hub of communication between South Asia and East Asia before BC. Geoff Wade argued that “Zina” is the etymology of Sanskrit “Cīna” and English “China”.
  • During the Tang Dynasty, Longyou Dao governed 18 prefectures and two Dadu Protectorates, including Qinzhou (now Qin’an County, Gansu), Weizhou (now Longxi County, Gansu), Wuzhou (now Wudu District, Gansu), Lanzhou (now Lanzhou, Gansu), Hezhou (now Linxia County, Gansu), Minzhou (now Minxian, Gansu), Taozhou (now Zhangxian, Gansu), Diezhou (now Diebu County, Gansu), Dangzhou (now Dangchang County, Gansu) , Linzhou (now Lintao County, Gansu), Chengzhou (now Chengxian, Gansu), Shanzhou (now Ledu County, Qinghai), Kuozhou (now Hualong County, Qinghai), Liangzhou (now Wuwei City, Gansu), Ganzhou (now Zhangye City, Gansu), Suzhou (now Jiuquan City, Gansu), Shazhou (now Dunhuang City, Gansu), Guazhou (now Guazhou County, Gansu); Anxi Duhufu and Beiting Duhufu are both under the jurisdiction of Longyou Road .
  • “Heyue Yingling Collection” is an anthology of Tang poetry compiled by Yin Fan in the Tang Dynasty. The preface of the book says: Twenty-four people including Wang Wei, Wang Changling, and Chu Guangxi from Yueruo are all Heyue Heroes, so this collection is titled Heyue Heroes.


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