Mac software quick-start switching tool Manico is a limited time special, only 35 yuan to get it

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Apple’s system has been updated very diligently recently. In these system updates, although many bells and whistles have been added, the user’s real need for an optimized experience does not seem to get Apple’s attention. For example, Command+Tab, which is often used, is used as a shortcut key for switching software windows. It has a big problem, that is, it can only be switched one by one, which is too inefficient. If you also want to pursue a more efficient software switching experience, try Manico this gadget. It allows you to precisely open the window of the specified software at the moment of pressing the Option+number key. After a period of experience, it can indeed effectively improve the efficiency of daily operation. As a software quick-start and switching tool specially designed for Mac, it also supports Apple M-series chip computers. The original price of Manico is 39 yuan, and you can enjoy a discount when placing an order. The lifetime license is only 35 yuan.

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