Macau says health code has been attacked more than 3 million times from Europe and the United States

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“Macau Daily” said on the 15th that in early May last year, the Macau Health Code suffered from overseas cyber attacks for two consecutive days, resulting in some people being unable to convert the Guangdong Health Code. The entry and exit of Zhuhai and Macau were greatly affected, and the border was crowded. On September 14, the last industry consultation on the revision of the National Security Law was held. The Secretary for Security, Huang Shao Ze, talked about the incident in May last year. He said that after investigation, it was found that it was a continuous attack from Europe and the United States, with more than 3 million times. The SAR government believes that this is not an ordinary cyber attack, and it is obviously intended to affect the overall social operation of Macau.

Huang Shaoze said that maintaining national security is not only the constitutional responsibility of the SAR, but also the legal responsibility of the entire Chinese people, including Macau residents, and that critical infrastructure is closely related to people’s livelihood. As far as information systems are concerned, once a cyber attack is encountered, serious cases can be A fatal blow to the country. To this end, the SAR government promulgated the Cybersecurity Law at the end of 2019 to carry out preventive security management of the information systems of Macau’s critical infrastructure in accordance with the law, and help build the country’s overall security barrier by maintaining Macau’s cybersecurity. Xue Zhongming, chief of the Judicial Police, said that Macau is hit by cyber attacks every day, with an average of 3.4 attacks per minute last year.

On August 22 this year, the Macao SAR government announced that it will launch a public consultation on the revision of the “National Security Law” from now until October 5. Amending the consultation text of the “Maintaining National Security Law” proposes to add the crime of abetting or supporting rebellion, and to independently criminalize the act of abetting or assisting the crime of treason, secession or subversion; The crime of subversion of the Central People’s Government was revised to the crime of subversion of state power; the crime of attempting to overthrow was added to cover subversion by other non-violent and illegal means.

Source: Global Times

Micro-comment: I am right, the health code was attacked, and it should be mainly the fault of IT technicians.

To prevent network attacks with the health code system, a layman can come up with a very simple solution: according to the IP address and location information, IPs and locations outside Macau will be denied access. How can hackers in Europe and the United States carry out attacks after such a setting?

The development of the health code system should have been several years. After so many years, such a basic security problem has not been solved. Isn’t this a problem of the level of technical personnel?

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