Tea Yanyue’s English translation of “Sexytea” leads to controversy and the company responds


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On September 17, Chayan Yuese issued a statement on the adjustment of the English translation of the store logo, saying that it decided to drop the Sexytea logo of the newly opened store recently, and will no longer use the English name in the new store in the later period. After the new name is determined, the English logo of Chayan’s existing stores will also be gradually selected. Chayan Yuese said that in the past two days, the English translation of the name “Sexytea” on the store has aroused a lot of attention and discussion. Due to the multi-layered meanings of the English vocabulary of Sexy, it may also cause some netizens. Another understanding, causing I am very sorry for the misunderstanding caused by the widespread concern and controversy on the Internet. (Interface News)
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