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We continue our trip to the Netherlands with one of the country’s most famous masterpieces. Johannes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid is astonishingly hallucinogenic, conveying not only the details but also the weight of the woman and the table. Through it, we start a thematic month of the Rijksmuseum collection. Please enjoy! 🙂

A maid was pouring milk, engrossed. Except for the trickle of milk, everything else was still. Vermeer made this simple daily activity the subject of an impressive painting. The woman stood in the brightly lit room like a statue. Vermeer also looked at depicting light by presenting hundreds of small colored dots on the surface of an object.

Johannes Vermeer is undoubtedly an absolute classic in the history of art. Therefore, another of his works, The Girl with a Pearl Earring, must be included in our postcard set of 50 of the most famous masterpieces! You can buy it here ; you’ll love it!

PS Here are 5 interesting facts about Johannes Vermeer. <3

45.5 × 41 cm

Dutch Golden Age Paintings


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