Mattress tossing – self-rescue of a lumbar spine patient

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In the past two days, I bought another mattress. This is the Nth mattress I bought in Shanghai. This story is very long. In the last rental house, the landlord seemed to be a very steely straight man. The requirement for the living environment provided to the tenants may be to be able to live in. Therefore, the self-contained mattress is only about 5CM, so I had to buy a mattress by myself. . It claims to be 10CM, but it is actually filled with sponge, so it compresses when lying on it, and the polyester fabric on the outside is very slippery and cannot be fixed on the original mattress at all, so it was quickly eliminated. For economic reasons, I bought a new “Sponge Simmons” mattress, which claims to have a 5-layer comfort design. What I want in the end is that it has a four-corner fixing design to prevent it from sliding around. With it, the bed is soft. After a lot, sleep started to feel very peaceful, and I had a good time for almost two years. Until I moved to the current house, the new mattress was this FILLAN latex pocket spring mattress from IKEA. This mattress is as thick as 26cm. It looks like the picture below. It is really good to sleep. Comfortable. However, I am a middle-aged man with lumbar spine problems. To be honest, I don’t know why the lumbar spine is problematic, but I have been an MRI-certified lumbar spondylolisthesis patient since a few years ago (typing I put Erlang’s legs down After sleeping in this bed for a long time, I felt that my waist didn’t have any support, and soon began to have a dull pain. I really didn’t want to replace this huge mattress, so I started to think of a way to solve the problem of the bed being too soft. First, I searched for “the bed is too soft” on Taobao, and it recommended me this waist and spine protector, which looks very powerful. No, I was attracted by the advertisement and quickly bought these three pieces of wood. After it arrived, it was too heavy, so I paid a fortune to hire the doorman to help me carry it to the door. Even when I installed it, I found out that I bought the wrong size. I also manually modified it. The first few days in bed, I felt like my waist was saved! But then it turned out that it was just an illusion. After about a week, I felt that my waist began to ache again, the bed was too hard, and the waist was not supported. In order to improve the situation, I kept the “sponge” The Simmons” mattress was placed on the wooden board. After another week, it still didn’t help. After another week, I finally couldn’t help throwing the wooden board away… Next time, someone will tell me that sleeping on a wooden bed is good for my waist. Who is in a hurry. I returned to the state where the bed was too soft and I couldn’t sleep well. At the recommendation of my friend, I made this again — the sleep lumbar pillow. Sleeping all day, my back hurts, I don’t know who invented this shit! Never used it a second time. After thinking about it, I still have to start with the mattress. This time I learned the lesson, collected information extensively, and re-looked for a mattress – a natural coconut palm mattress. Seeing the introduction is coconut palm + latex, the evaluation is also 100,000 praise, very reliable. The first week I fell asleep, I got back the goodness I used to be…but the second week, I started to feel that the bed was too hard and collapsed! ! ! “Sponge Simmons” glowed again, I put it on the palm pad again, and after another week, the TM was still too hard! ! ! I feel like I’m back in a vicious circle, but I don’t and I don’t want to throw it away… So I bought another latex mattress and put it on “Sponge Simmons”. Now, there are 4 layers of mattresses on my bed, which may be 40CM high. I hope I can sleep well today. Also, poor people can’t save patients with lumbar spondylosis. If there is a next time, I will definitely buy a good mattress in place.

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