May Specials! Desktop organizer Fences 4 buyout starts at only 69 yuan

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Do you have the habit of tidying up your computer desktop? Still all kinds of files and folders are stuffed on the desktop, occupying half of the screen for a long time, which is neither beautiful nor easy to find files. If you want to keep your desktop tidy, of course you should try the classic **Fences**, which automatically sorts and organizes Windows desktop files. The price of such a good software is naturally not cheap. The official website prices of Fences 4 single-device version and five-device version are 147 yuan and 294 yuan respectively. From now until **May 19th** during the Digital Lychee May event, starting from **69 yuan**, you can realize the freedom of organization and free your hands. Members can enjoy an instant discount of 5 yuan on their first order, starting from only **64 yuan**, one-time purchase, lifetime use!

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