Turning point 2317 | The seventh week of rerunning

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The longest distance planned for next week is 12 kilometers, and the total distance should be around 32-40 kilometers. The completion status is 12 kilometers and a total of 32.5 kilometers have been completed. It’s really beautifully done.

Actually, I was sick on Wednesday. It should be something that came from a child. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the common cold.

Once sick, the whole person becomes very lazy and has no ambitions. I feel satisfied after running three kilometers a day with my wife.

Laziness also means not wanting to work now. See how many sick days I have, ask for leave. Let’s talk about something when you get better.

As a result, it is not good until today. It’s not a big deal, just an itchy nose, sneezing, dizziness, and lack of energy.

Raise it slowly.

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