May you and I be treated tenderly by life in the new year!

Text/Zhao Zisheng

Until now, when I think back to 2022, I feel that this year has been a mess, and I have seen too many joys and sorrows. This year, I shed too many tears, some for myself and some for others.

That day, I saw a sad scene on the Internet: an uncle worked hard on a construction site for a year, and he never wanted to lose his money when he went home. What’s more pitiful is that his wife and son had passed away before him. So, I had no choice but to walk back to my hometown in Sichuan. After walking for a day and a night, the kind restaurant owner knew about his special experience and invited him to eat and stay overnight. The uncle was very moved and burst into tears, but he still refused to stay with the kind boss, only willing to sleep in the corridor. The next day, the kind boss gave the uncle 200 yuan as travel expenses, and prepared food for him on the way…Under the epidemic, everyone’s life is not easy, and I can help others, thank you kind boss.

At night, a father took his five-year-old daughter on the way home, and met a person whose back looked like the child’s mother. The child chased behind him for 400-500 meters, and was about to enter the door of the building. The child suddenly yelled : Auntie, can I hug you? You look so much like my mother… I never expected a child to be like this. I was secretly sad there when I heard the child shouting loudly to the sky: Mom, Mom, I miss you! In an instant, tears welled up in my eyes…

Grandma’s birthday, the little boy took two days to dig out the socket switch on the wall at home, and wanted to exchange money to buy grandma’s birthday cake. The boss told him that it was not silver but aluminum, and he couldn’t exchange much money, but when the boss heard He had never met his parents and lived with his grandmother, so he gave him 200 yuan, but the boy refused to accept it. He said that when he passed by the cake shop two days ago, the cheapest cake there only cost 30 yuan. In the end, he asked the boss to call his grandmother, because he was afraid that his grandmother would worry that the money came from a wrong way. …Obviously I have had a rough life, but I still can’t see the suffering in this world. Really, the more sensible the more hardships! A sensible child with good moral character, he even thought of calling his grandma, lest his grandma misunderstand where his money came from… Even though the world is suffering, he has lived like a beam of light, warming himself and illuminating his life. others!

At the gate of the milk tea shop, an eight or nine-year-old boy took 50 yuan to buy milk tea. The boss saw that the boy had no water cup, so he said casually, “I’ll buy you a drink, and give the money to my mother.” The little boy said, “I don’t have a mother.” … It was this sentence that broke the boss’s defense instantly. The boss asked the waiter to greet the little boy into the store, and then went to the supermarket to buy the little boy a water glass and some food. Even though it’s cold in winter, you are like the light in the cold night, making strangers we don’t know each other burst into tears, and feel the warmth surging in the world!

This is a family of five. My father works in a construction site in a foreign country all year round, and he can only come back every year during the Spring Festival. On this day, as usual, someone knocked on the door, and my daughter went to open the door, only to find out that it was my father who came in with a brand new bicycle. The three brothers and sisters jumped up happily. The bicycle had not yet been unpacked. Open, Dad put down the bicycle, and took out four strings of candied haws with body temperature from his arms, one, two, three, and four, for the children and his wife, but he was not willing to buy them for himself. They are all family members… In fact, love is as simple as that, as small as meeting once, as small as a candied haws! Watching the children shouting happily, and their immature smiles can make people feel the simple and warm little happiness of a family through the screen! Some people say: People who buy sugar can’t think of themselves, because the happiness of family members is sweeter than sugar! Some people also said: I feel that this family is happy and warm, but I also feel sour in my heart. Some people may ask what is happiness? In fact, happiness is really simple, as simple as a family being together neatly together! Come on 2023! Come on stranger!

It’s the new year again. Xiao Xie, who is studying in university thousands of miles away, asks a friend to tell his grandma that he can’t go back this year and asks his grandma to record a video. As soon as grandma heard that her grandson won’t be able to come, her eyes turned red and she choked up. Ask in front of the camera: Where are you, why don’t you come back? …The “friend” who recorded the video quietly took off the mask and glasses. When the grandma turned her head and found that her grandson was beside her, she immediately rushed forward and hugged her tightly in her arms. The meaning of going home no matter how far!

On January 2, in Handan, Hebei, a man came across a car with an “AED (Automated External Defibrillator)” sign. This kind of equipment can save lives, and the market price is 20,000 yuan. The car owner posted a line of small words under the logo: It can be used by breaking the window in an emergency. The owner of the car is driving a Cadillac, and a netizen left a message: The owner of the car must be a person with great love! And I want to say: May you and your family, who are kind, have great luck and make a fortune in 2023!

I saw a video that day: I couldn’t help but burst into tears. I picked up a bag at a gas station at 8:00 p.m. on a business trip. It contained 80,000 yuan. After many twists and turns, I contacted the owner. It was a life-saving money from a sister’s family. I waited for her at the appointed place for 3 hours until we met at 11:00 p.m. , she knelt down beside me all of a sudden, and I was at a loss for what to do… The safety of my family is our greatest wish! Wishing her and her family all the best. In 2023, we don’t wish to be rich and powerful, but only hope that the family can be neat and tidy!

Zuo An Ji: Beautiful things are very contagious. Your tenderness will be passed on to those around you, and then affect others unconsciously. When we treat this world with tenderness, this world will return you and me in the most tender way.

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