Meditation is bad

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Posting too much about meditation?

Last week, I didn’t post about meditation for the following reasons.

In order to get more people to see my meditation series, in addition to posting them on my blog, I also repost them on a few sites I frequent.

After the recent article ” The Best Environment for Meditation ” was posted on V2EX , the first comment I received was “Some things go too far, and they go crazy”, and also said “Generally, if you go too far, you can’t listen to other people’s words. , look at the recent posts for yourself”, and listed my recent posts on the forum (all about meditation, of course). The implication is that he reminded me that the continuous posting of meditation-related posts is a manifestation of “going into the devil”.

Although, I don’t know if he was referring to my post, my meditation, or both.

I don’t feel like I’ve gone too far in meditation.

I’d like to thank that reviewer , though: After reading his review, I made two decisions. 1. Stop writing for a week and don’t write about meditation. 2. Write an article about the possible downsides of meditation.

Hence this article.

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