Minami Awaji Day Tour (5P)

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Thanks to the time and place recording function of the photo, I discovered that this was a beautiful event that happened on National Day last year. Last fall, my friend (Jayden’s mother) asked me if I would like to participate in the rice harvesting experience organized by her. I heard two important points: 1. Rice harvesting can be experienced! 2. Those who can organize activities are all great gods! So I immediately agreed excitedly, and luckily got the car of Jayden’s family. Early in the morning of the National Day, the three of us obediently waited downstairs at home for a special car to pick us up. We arrived in Minami-Awaji without hindrance. It turned out that my friend’s relatives lived here, and the rice in the house happened to be ripe, and my friend snapped his fingers after learning about it, what a wonderful experience! So she called her friends, and everyone responded one after another. They took the baby to experience cutting rice together, then had a barbecue, and went to the beach to play in the water in the afternoon.

Holding Rice Slopes and Drinking Juice Slopes

I thought that harvesting rice should be a good skill with a scythe, but I didn’t expect it to be fully automated. When the tractor is turned on, the rice goes in at the front, the stems come out at the back, and the rice grains are automatically packed. So the so-called experience is actually sitting on the rice harvester and watching the rice being drawn into the machine row by row. Because the machine was very loud, Xiaopo didn’t dare to sit at first. Later, I imitated Jayden to sit on my mother’s lap, and this trip was worthwhile. I am also very happy, because in fact, I have never experienced it before, and I have learned a lot from Xiaopo.

Compared with cutting rice, the children obviously prefer to get together to have fun, and Po Po also came over, and Brother Dou and I prepared barbecue together with other adults. The materials are prepared by relatives according to the head. Although J and other mothers have been exhorting and exhorting not to prepare too much, but in the end there is still a lot left, and everyone’s stomach is bloated. Fortunately, there are seaside activities in the afternoon to relax. digestion.

walk by the sea

After taking a few photos of the event, we bid farewell to our relatives and drove to the beach. Everyone parked their cars in the parking lot and got on the motorcycle minibus to KARIKO RESORT. Several little boys couldn’t wait to rush into the sea, and the large group was broken up in an instant. We also took Popo down, but she was a little scared, so she didn’t participate in the end and went back up. We ordered drinks at a coffee shop and sat quietly looking at the ocean. As the sun sets, the sea turns from blue to orange. The sunset on the sea is really beautiful. I couldn’t help but took out my phone and took several photos.

Sunset and sunset at sea

After a while, the sun went down, the weather became much cooler, and the children playing in the water slowly came back. By the time everyone got on the motor minibus, the sky was already more than half dark. In the end we went back in Jayden’s car and turned to a highway rest stop for dinner. A fulfilling day always ends quickly. Popo and Jayden said goodbye reluctantly and looked forward to playing together next time.

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