Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Encourage social capital to invest in key industries and fields such as modern planting and breeding

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 Titanium Media app reported on April 18 that the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the General Department of the National Rural Development Bureau jointly issued the "Guidelines for Social Capital Investment in Agriculture and Rural Areas (2022)". The "Guideline" proposes to encourage social capital to invest in modern planting and breeding, modern seed industry, rural enrichment industry, agricultural product processing and circulation industry, new rural service industry, green development of agriculture and rural areas, agricultural science and technology innovation, agricultural and rural talent training, and agricultural and rural infrastructure. Construction, digital village and smart agriculture construction, agricultural entrepreneurship and innovation, rural living environment improvement, agricultural foreign cooperation and other key industries and fields. Encourage local governments to innovate investment and financing models according to local conditions based on the actual development of agriculture and rural areas, and promote resource integration, investment structure optimization, and investment efficiency improvement. Encourage social capital to explore and invest in rural revitalization in a stable and orderly manner through the development of the whole industry chain, the overall development of the region, the cooperation between government and social capital, the establishment of rural revitalization investment funds, and the establishment of a win-win mechanism for close cooperation.

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