Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The United States has been monitoring Chinese mobile phone users for a long time

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said at a regular press conference on September 5: The United States has been conducting indiscriminate voice monitoring of Chinese mobile phone users for a long time, illegally stealing mobile phone users’ text messages, and wirelessly locating them. The actions of the United States seriously endanger China’s national security and the security of citizens’ personal information. The Chinese side strongly condemns it and demands that the US side make an explanation and immediately stop its illegal actions.

Mao Ning said that cyberspace security is a common problem faced by all countries in the world. As the country with the most powerful cyber technology capabilities, the United States should immediately stop stealing and attacking other countries, participate in global cyberspace governance with a responsible attitude, and play a constructive role in maintaining cybersecurity.

According to the People’s Daily, on September 5, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and 360 Company released investigation reports on Northwestern Polytechnical University’s overseas cyber attacks. The investigation found that specific intrusion operations under the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) The Office (TAO) has carried out tens of thousands of malicious network attacks on domestic network targets over the years, controlled relevant network equipment, and stole over 140GB of high-value data.

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