Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Promoting the employment of college graduates will be the top priority

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Pinwan, April 27, according to Jiemian News, at the meeting, Chen Yongjia, deputy director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that in the next step, we will insist on promoting the employment of college graduates as the top priority of employment work.

According to the job-seeking needs of graduates at different times, work with relevant departments to support the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates. There are four key initiatives: First, to strengthen channel expansion. Further improve the support policies for graduates’ employment and entrepreneurship, promote the implementation of policies, speed up the implementation of policies, and guide graduates to find employment in small, medium and micro enterprises, urban and rural grassroots, steadily expand the recruitment of state-owned enterprises, and stabilize the recruitment and recruitment of public institutions and grassroots projects. Support graduates to start their own businesses and find flexible employment. At the same time, in response to the impact of the epidemic, guide all localities to adjust and optimize the schedule of public sector examination and recruitment, and leave a time window for graduates to apply for jobs.

The second is to strengthen post push. Continue to promote public employment services into campus activities, and deliver job information, guidance and training, entrepreneurial support and other services to graduates. At the same time, we continued to carry out joint urban recruitment, private enterprise recruitment and other activities, launched hundreds of millions of online recruitment in advance, responded to the impact of the epidemic and promoted large-scale online and offline jobs, expanded social participation, and launched more unique industry-specific recruitment.

The third is afterburner training. In-depth promotion of the recruitment plan for one million trainee positions, in response to the needs of graduates’ accumulated work experience, a group of high-quality trainee positions were recruited, and a group of national-level trainee demonstration units were launched to improve the practical ability of graduates. At the same time, in response to the needs of graduates’ career development, actively organize and participate in skills training, strive to improve the quality of training, expand new vocational training, and support graduates to achieve skilled employment.

The fourth is to strengthen the assistance in difficulties. For the unemployed graduates who have left the school, do a good job of information connection in advance, make a solid assistance account, unblock various channels for registration and help, and provide real-name services in a timely manner. Provide “one-to-one” employment assistance to graduates from poverty-stricken families, low-income families, zero-employment families, and disabled graduates, giving priority to providing services and recommending jobs. For long-term unemployed young people, they should be included in employment and unemployment management services in a timely manner, and practical guidance and classified assistance should be strengthened to help them better integrate into the job market.

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