Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Promote the establishment of a unified smart terminal fast charging technology standard

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Pinwan, July 22, according to a CCTV news report, the China Communications Standards Association initiated the establishment of the “Terminal Fast Charging Technology and Standards Promotion Committee” in Beijing today. standard system.

The fast charging function has now become the standard configuration of domestic mobile phones and digital products, and the fast charging efficiency is also one of the important selling points of these electronic products. Some products have achieved a fast charge level of 80% of the power within half an hour. However, the fast charging technologies of many manufacturers are not compatible with each other, and the interfaces, protocols, and cables are not interoperable, which not only affects the user experience, but also poses security risks. Market data shows that the global annual shipment of smartphones and IoT devices has exceeded 2 billion, and excess chargers alone generate more than 11,000 tons of e-waste and 600,000 tons of carbon emissions each year.

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