Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The resumption rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in Shanghai has reached 96.3%

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Since June 1, Shanghai is speeding up the process of full resumption of work and production. As an important position established by Science and Technology, Zhangjiang Science City strives to promote the resumption of work and production. On the one hand, it promotes the resumption of work and production while doing a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control; on the other hand, it also gives enterprises a lot of policy support to accelerate the recovery. capacity and business.

During the epidemic, nearly 4,000 people from more than 300 enterprises have passed the “emergency admission” measures, which have solved the problems of issuing key certificates for key positions in enterprises, important scientific research and development, maintenance of core components and operation and maintenance of information systems, and strived to ease the operation of enterprises. core blocking point.

Since June 1, more companies have accelerated the pace of resumption of work. Jiemian News learned from the Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City Construction Management Office that at present, the resumption rate of Zhangjiang Science City incubators is 100%, and the resumption rate of incubating enterprises is 90.4%; about 90% of small and micro enterprises in Zhangjiang Science City have resumed work to varying degrees.

Taking integrated circuits and automotive electronics as an example, the industrial chain is accelerating. In the first quarter of this year, SMIC’s revenue increased by 66.9% year-on-year. It is understood that the company has maintained full production since April. Hua Hong Grace’s sales revenue in the first quarter increased by 95.1% year-on-year, and it has also maintained full production since April.

Hongming Supply Chain continues to provide production materials and supplies for enterprises in the integrated circuit industry chain, ensuring the normal operation of the industry chain. At the same time, the stable operation of leading enterprises in the integrated circuit field has also driven a group of supporting enterprises in the industrial chain of equipment, materials, packaging and testing to speed up the resumption of work.


ASML told Jiemian News that since the outbreak of the epidemic in many places across the country at the beginning of this year, ASML immediately established a crisis response team and activated relevant mechanisms. On the basis of strictly following the sealing and control management requirements of local governments, the company timely recruited a group of engineer volunteers to work in the closed-loop of the customer’s factory to ensure the stable operation of the machine and the continuous production.

After entering the stage of fully restoring the normal production and life order of the city on June 1, ASML fully implemented the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control, actively supported the response to the full resumption of work, and is currently coordinating with relevant departments to steadily advance the work on the premise of good epidemic prevention management. , to better serve the development of the industry.

In the special period to promote the resumption of work and production, policy support for enterprises is also particularly important.

As early as April 15, Zhangjiang Group issued an announcement on rent reduction and exemption in support of epidemic prevention and control, and implemented rent reduction and exemption for eligible small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. It is understood that, up to now, there has been no lease or business withdrawal in the enterprises served by Zhangjiang Hi-Tech. Before June 1, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech had basically completed the rent reduction and exemption through online approval.

During the current round of the epidemic, the challenges encountered by the AR enterprise Liangfengtai include how to maintain production, supply and operation, and how to maintain customer business. During the epidemic, HiLeia, an AR remote and collaboration platform of Liangfengtai, also launched a “3-month free use” campaign to solve the problem caused by “inability to be present on site”, attracting hundreds of enterprises and individuals to participate. However, the epidemic will still have a certain impact on the delivery of orders.

After the resumption of work, the company began to get busy. The relevant person in charge of Liangfengtai told Jiemian News that the administrative staff are currently applying for different types of subsidies provided by Zhangjiang Group. Beginning in June, all employees of the company have also arrived and returned to the company to resume work.

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