Moda Bio completed a Pre-A round of financing of over 100 million yuan

Moda Bio is a small molecule innovative drug developer based on immunometabolism targets. Based on the cutting-edge scientific research progress in the field of immunometabolism, Moda Bio has built an AI (artificial intelligence) empowered metabolic pathway drug target discovery platform. Recently completed a Pre-A round of financing totaling hundreds of millions of yuan, led by Forcefield Ventures, Jingtai Technology, IMO Ventures, Tiantu Capital, Fangyuan Capital, Dexun Investment, Yayi Capital, New Industry Ventures and Bopu Capital and other investment. The financing will be used to accelerate the advancement of three small molecule targeted innovative drugs under development by Moda Bio to clinical trials, and to further expand the development of its AI metabolic enzyme target discovery platform, so as to complete prediction and prediction in more different indications. verify.

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