Moda Bio completed nearly 100 million yuan seed round and Pre-A round of financing

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36氪 was informed that Shenzhen META Pharmaceuticals Inc., a small molecule innovative drug research and development company based on immunometabolic targets, has successively completed seed rounds and Pre-A rounds of financing totaling hundreds of millions of yuan. The leading investors include Forcefield Ventures, Jingtai Technology, IMO Ventures, Tiantu Capital, Fangyuan Capital, Dexun Investment, Yayi Capital, New Industry Ventures and Bopu Capital also participated in the investment.

The financing will be used to accelerate the advancement of three small molecule targeted innovative drugs under development by Moda Bio to clinical trials, and to further expand the development of its AI metabolic enzyme target discovery platform, so as to complete prediction and prediction in more different indications. Validation; In addition, Moda Bio will also establish a biological laboratory in Shenzhen.

Moda Bio was established in August 2021, jointly invested and incubated by Forcefield Ventures and AI drug development company Jingtai Technology, and has cooperated with Jingtai Technology for a long time in drug discovery. It is reported that its founding team comes from the two top research hospitals in the United States, Weill Cornell Medicine (Weill Cornell Medicine) and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center). With many years of research in the subject field , he is good at discovering and verifying new targets of high-potential immune metabolism; Jingtai Technology has built a one-stop AI new drug discovery platform. The cooperation between the two can open up the analysis and verification chain of new targets and new mechanisms of action, thereby accelerating the transformation of cutting-edge scientific research results into clinical pipelines and patent results.

It is reported that based on the cutting-edge scientific research progress in the field of immunometabolism, Moda Bio will focus on building an AI-based metabolic pathway drug target discovery platform, and has built a professional domain database containing hundreds of public data sets to establish diseases based on multi-omics analysis. Models and intelligent analysis models to promote the development of the pipeline of Moda Bio.

At present, the field of autoimmune diseases that Moda Bio is focusing on is the second largest therapeutic area after cancer, including multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, allergic asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, etc. There are about 350-400 million patients worldwide, and there are a large number of unmet clinical needs and innovative drug gaps. At the same time, immunosuppressive drugs have long ranked first in the annual sales of global blockbuster drugs. The autoimmune disease drug market is expected to reach $150 billion by 2025.

However, for nearly two decades, no new biological mechanisms have been discovered in this field. The current autoimmune disease treatment drugs on the market (including macromolecular antibody drugs and small molecule JAK inhibitors, etc.) are developed based on old biological theories. Due to the influence of target selection, there are inherent problems such as serious toxic side effects and low patient response rates. . Patients with autoimmune diseases urgently need immunosuppressants with safer and more efficient mechanisms of action. 

It is understood that based on the latest frontier achievements in the theory of immune metabolism biology, Moda Bio has discovered a series of new targets of metabolic proteases, which can achieve safe and effective regulation of immune system function, and is expected to develop a new therapeutic strategy with a new target. A series of first-in-class drugs to bring better treatment options for patients with autoimmune diseases. Currently, there are three first-in-class research projects in Moda’s pipeline, and clinical applications in China and the United States are expected to begin in 2024.

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