Monthly Report 2022-11

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Well, I haven’t written a weekly report for a long time, so I just write a monthly report, although there aren’t too many interesting things happening.


This month is a bit slack, I have been reading fanfiction for two consecutive weekends, mainly because I suddenly became interested in reaction-type novels: that is, the characters in the work watch or understand the reaction of the work itself. But let’s talk about this at the end, let’s talk about technology-related things first.

joplin-vscode-plugin released 1.1.0, which supports menu items searched in the specified note directory. idea reference:


In addition, the number of plug-in installations this month has exceeded 10k, which is really worth celebrating, and it is also the most installed vscode extension of our generation.


mami mainly adds support for joplin<=>obsidian mutual conversion, and also adds support for docsify @mami/plugin-docsify , now you can export joplin/obsidian notes as wiki.


Tried the file system api and pwa, and created a demo image-viewer

final effect

Tried to make my own ts playground, to be honest supporting type hints is cumbersome, because all type definition code has to be added to monaco-editor.


fan fiction

Well, the number of recent viewings is enough to open a single section. It’s amazing, I started to read it all of a sudden, and didn’t stop. It can only be said that it is very time-consuming like domestic Internet articles. Having said that, fanfiction is really good, because it depicts how the characters in the original work would act under different assumptions, and usually this also serves to make up for some of the original’s regrets.
Typical: Homura likes Madoka so much in “Magical Girl Madoka Magica”, which seems to go beyond friendship, so that in “Rebellion” it dragged Madoka down from heaven, so why didn’t he take a more drastic way to protect her before? Where’s Madoka? For example, kidnapping her to other cities besides Mitakihara. Well, then there’s fan fiction that makes that assumption and paints new stories. Well, you can watch it for yourself if you want, I won’t spoil it here!

  • Magical Girl Madoka
    • Knowledge is Power : Another reaction novel of Magical Girl Madoka and Bleach Crossover fanfic
    • FavMagia: A New Hope : A Madoka/Magical Records fan suddenly wakes up as a side character in the world of magical girls. Featuring Ashley Taylor. Note: In case it wasn’t obvious, you should expect massive spoilers here for almost everything in the franchise.
    • Persephone’s Waltz : The more she fails to save Madoka, the more desperate Homura becomes… until kidnapping her and locking her in the basement until the end of Walpurgisnacht doesn’t sound like a crazy idea.
    • Perfect Crime : To protect Madoka from death, Homura kidnaps and imprisons Madoka
    • FavDiversis Mundi Magia Actum : A person becomes a girl and enters the world of Magical Girl Madoka
    • FavA Wish Within Darkness : Madoka wishes for a better future for them, which is enough to bend the existing rules.
    • Heartstrings : Madoka has been seeing strings for as long as she can remember, they’ve always been there, her parents just thought she had a great imagination, but she always knew it was more than that. In the depths of her soul.
  • Sword Art Online
    • FavSword Art Online: Invitation to the show : Kirito and his friends were planning to go to Kanzaki Elsa’s concert, until a mysterious masked man appeared on the screen with an earth-shattering announcement. On the same day, Karen and her friends were watching Elsa’s concert live. His announcement will shake the foundations of the SAO world. “Welcome everyone!”
    • Discovering Aincraid : Kirito and other characters are pulled into a dark abyss by a mysterious “friend”. Together they got to watch his journey in Sword Art Online. Unfortunately, they have to watch it with the man who trapped them in the first place.
    • Orange : On the first day of the game of death, things were different. Before Kayaba announced, Kirito had already PKed another player. An action that permanently changes his cursor to orange. Now he is a criminal. Other players will hunt him down for it. NPCs will refuse to serve him. He will no longer be able to trade with anyone. He is completely alone now.
  • assassination classroom
    • School watches Assassination Classroom : Ritsu travels back 20 years trying to undo the apocalypse, but due to an unforeseen mistake, Kunugigaoka’s entire third year of junior high school was taken away and is now trapped in a time bubble for three days… Things are not a good start.
  • naruto
  • Index of Magical Forbidden Books
    • Misfortune No One Sees, Until Now : All of you are connected to that boy in some way, so I offer an opportunity. I will show you his memory, and the desperation and hardship that lurk within it. So, if you think you can handle the darkness behind that smile – then by all means, I welcome you…! For unmatched misfortune… until now…! ” – The stage is set. Let the hell begin…
    • FavLibrary of Consumed gods : Index has always been a simple girl, a girl who doesn’t need much in her life. Living an ordinary life in the dormitory with Touma and Othinus, she is already content. So when the mythical leprechaun descends and tragedy strikes, she doesn’t know how hard she’s willing to go to protect it.
    • A Certain Unknown Level 0 : Accelerator and Railgun. Two level 5’s who received the same rumor: they were beaten by a level 0. But who is this mysterious ability user? This is the countless investigations of this Level 0 by the characters in the Forbidden Universe. Those who don’t know him will know the truth, and those who know him will get a glimpse of his life. There will be action.
    • FavA Certain Strange Addition : What will happen if Mikoto’s other friends find out about Touma’s actions during the graviton explosion. How much more misfortune and madness can the hapless Kamijou be involved in when he is essentially dragged into the disciplinary committee?
    • Sometimes Even Touma Can’t Save The Smiles… : What happens when Shirai Kuroko is dying and Touma abandons the world?
  • my youth love story
    • FavWatching My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Terrible, As Expected : Hachiman found a DVD in his room with some instructions. But he refuses to follow them! Boring God decides it has to be watched on DVD, no matter what! After a few days, everyone was dragged into a playhouse. A program was playing on the screen called… My Youth Romantic Comedy, as I expected, wrong? What exactly is this?
  • Life in another world from scratch
    • Re:Zero Watching Him Die Again and Again : Where characters will watch Subaru’s adventures in their world
    • The Otherworldly Sage : After being rejected by all three candidates in a mission to defeat Sloat, Subaru steals a ground dragon and escapes, giving up. However, when he reaches Flugel’s Tree, he comes across a box containing a walking stick, travel clothes, five artifacts of power, and a letter from five mysterious friends from a long-forgotten era. Can he save everyone?

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