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Have read name
x The Way of Programmers
x The code farmer turns over: use the story to add some material to the technology
x paradise lost
one thousand and one nights
x norse mythology
The Life of the Disliked Pine Nut
x across parallel universes
Critique of Pure Reason – Kant
x single society
x Low IQ society – how to escape from IQ decline
x animal farm
The strange situation witnessed in the past twenty years
x Fukuzawa Yukichi Encourages Learning
not finished The Complete Works of Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Ancient and Modern Mathematical Thoughts
Empire of Lies – Chinese Rooster Year Tour
x silent spring
x silent city
x orange girl
Absolutely Laughing: Diary of an Abandoned Doctor
x the great Gatsby
Leviathan – On the State
bright sword
not finished Liu Cixin Works Collection
x Romeo and Juliet
x maya
america against america
Devil Physics
x The Essence of Poverty – Why We Can’t Get Rid of Poverty
artificial intelligence
x Human disqualification
Three Kingdoms
x Sophie’s World
Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down – History of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
x passing of childhood
x A Guide to Inventing All Things
Milky Way Railway Night
x The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Moon and Sixpence
not finished The Unity of Knowledge and Action Wang Yangming
x solitaire secret
in memory of our passing age
capital theory
Mathematical principles of natural life
x selfish gene
We’ve Never Been Modern – Symmetrical Anthropology
this is the investor
this is the insurance agent
math girl
x How is the network connected
x On the Origin of Human Inequality
TCP Detailed Explanation (1)
Detailed Explanation of TCP (2)
TCP Detailed Explanation (3)
x scale
in principle
Pyramid principle
How difficult it is for God to create man
x university road
ladies tea
limit to growth
x the courage to be hated
x from the new world
x Universe – from origin to future
The art of modifying code
x Jieyou Grocery Store
x Picking up flowers in the evening
x Condor Heroes
x I have a girlfriend
x Construction and Interpretation of SICP Computer Programs
x Decadence and Silence – A Perspective on Cynic Culture
x For what reason do people remember
x franklin autobiography
x weed
the beauty of mathematics
x pattern
x experience
x manner
x top of the wave
x american gods
x the truth you don’t know
x this is software engineer
information theory
A great collection of different walls
x JavaScript Design Patterns
x Mythical Man Moon
Introduction to Algorithms
x A Brief History of Humanity
what is mathematics
x Laplace’s Witch
x Hackers and Painters

light novel

Have read name
x About my reincarnation as a slime
Recovery Warlock’s Reboot Life
Index of Magical Forbidden Books
x Magical Girl Madoka Flies to the Starry Sky
Witch’s Journey
x Devil King
x Koharu, a high school girl, becomes a prostitute in a different world
x knights and magic
literary girl
x Problem children come from different worlds
x Didn’t I say that abilities should be average?
x jobless reincarnation
Looking up at the half-moon night sky
listen to daddy
x Game of Life
x So what if you reincarnated as a spider?
x OVERLORD Lord of the Undead

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