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1. Packaging

Xiong Xiong started packing a little bit half a month before the moving date. He is patient and meticulous, dividing up the worryingly huge moving project bit by bit, packing a part every day. We bought heavy duty carton vacuum bags and combined some of the unopened carton packs before going to Europe. He used an Excel Sheet to record the contents of each box in detail, numbered it with letters and numbers, and then wrote the type of box. Empty out the garage, lay out clean and flat cardboard boxes, and pack up the memories and life of the past year little by little.

I only officially entered our moving and packing project a few days before the official move. Looking at so many things, I felt a little anxious.

Bear hugged me and said, it’s okay, take your time, we pack something every day. The most difficult things we work hard together, there is nothing we can’t overcome . I am in tears.

But actually my contribution is only a small part – mostly stuffing my own shoes and clothes into vacuum bags. With extraordinary concentration, organization, and patience, Xiong Xiong packed things little by little, numbered the boxes, and sealed them with adhesive tape and zip ties. At any time, he is so dependable, trustworthy and particularly reliable.

I think what he said was one of the most romantic things he ever said.

Xiong contacted a moving company with a high rating, and the offer was the best among the high-rated businesses. Although this company has a good reputation, I am a little worried after reading a few one-star reviews – whether things will be stolen, whether the moving and moving cars will be late, whether there will be scratches on the furniture, etc. . So I called the company again and asked a few questions.

Xiong said, I spent a lot of time doing my homework, and all we can do now is to trust the service of this company, they should not be late or lose things.

It turned out that everything really went well. I learned from Bear and his dad – never worry about something that hasn’t happened yet . All things can be solved. A colleague of Xiong and our friend Engineer J said that all problems can be solved, some need time, some need money, and some need both.

2. Move out

The moving company came on time and called an hour in advance to inform the arrival time. Here are two young Latin Americans, one has been wearing an airPod, an Apple watch and yeezy shoes, the other has a very fashionable hairstyle, and there is a small parallel V-shaped under the V-shaped backline of the back of the head, absolutely It’s a hairstyle made by a very good hair stylist. The guy with the stylish haircut is also handsome, with a well-trimmed beard and a slightly refined Che Guevara flavor, wearing red tennis shoes with flames, khaki pants and a black hoodie with rklss written on it.

The Apple guy has been transporting boxes from the garage to the truck, and the fashion guy is packing furniture in the house. I was “on duty” in the house and the bear was in the garage, so I had a little chat with the fashion guy. He is from Guatemala, speaks English with a particularly authentic American accent, and may have grown up in the United States. He asked me if I had ever heard of Guatemala, a country “is a very beautiful place”. He said the recommended Guatemalan food was tamales (after he recommended we moved over to trader joe’s and bought instant tamales), rolls wrapped in corn leaves, which added a little extra flavor to the wrapped meat – I immediately Reminds me of the glutinous rice chicken and zongzi that I had eaten in Guangdong before, and the food was wrapped in leaves.

The two little brothers worked hard and answered politely if they spoke to them. I gave each of them a large glass of water, and the apple brother drank it all at once. It seemed that he was thirsty. He’s been talking on the phone, and no matter how he moves, the airPod stays firmly in his ear.

The fashion guy told me that the company would assign tasks at 7 o’clock every night. He took the initiative to ask to do more work and wanted to make more money, “because staying at home would be boring.” He had worked 15 hours the day before. On this day, we are the second place they moved, from noon to afternoon, and then to another place to move.









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