Princess Ateh | US


Original link: The Provencal man and the leopard looked at each other meaningfully, and the charming lady shuddered when she felt her friend scratch her head with her fingernails, her eyes flashed like lightning, and then closed tightly. . ‘She has a soul…’ he said as he looked at the quiet desert queen, her […]

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California Dream

Original link: This is my third time in California. It has been more than two months since I moved to Silicon Valley, California, Xiong officially started a new job, and I officially started a new job. We moved to a well-located apartment and enjoyed the pool and endless sunshine in the long summer, and

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Moving Notes 1

Original link: 1. Packaging Xiong Xiong started packing a little bit half a month before the moving date. He is patient and meticulous, dividing up the worryingly huge moving project bit by bit, packing a part every day. We bought heavy duty carton vacuum bags and combined some of the unopened carton packs before

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