Musk confirms Tesla will no longer give away mobile chargers with cars

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 Titanium Media App reported on April 18 that Tesla (TSLA.O) has stopped giving free mobile chargers to customers who buy new cars. Then Tesla CEO Musk said: "The statistics show that the utilization of mobile chargers is super low, which seems to be a waste. The good thing is that we will add more plug adapters to the mobile charger kit." Tesla's official website shows that the current status of the mobile charger is out of stock. Musk also said, "Based on the feedback we have received, we will reduce the price of mobile chargers to $200 and make the ordering process easier. If the owner has a Tesla wall-mounted charger or uses a supercharger station, there is no need for a mobile charger. We recommend installing Tesla wall-mounted chargers before the vehicle is delivered.”

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