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“My Child” can be said to be a very popular anime recently, and its “My Child” exhibition is also very popular, so that I only grabbed the ticket for the penultimate night.

This exhibition is divided into three parts, the coffee area, the exhibition area, and the surrounding shopping area, and the coffee area and the exhibition area need to purchase tickets and make an appointment independently, and the conditions are extremely harsh.

But even so, they overcame all difficulties and successfully arranged a night with the theme of “The Child I Push”.


The first stop in the exhibition area is the “My Child” coffee. Considering that there is a statement on the official website that you cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter the venue at the time you make an appointment, I made an appointment for coffee 1.5 hours in advance.

Sure enough, I made an appointment for 18 o’clock, and I didn’t enter until 18:30.

Ordering food is also quite demanding. You have to order food at the top of the stairs first, and then you can’t add more food after ordering. Is this the waywardness of popular models?


I ordered curry and lemonade for this coffee. I wanted to order a parfait at first, but I didn’t know the portion of the parfait.

The shape of curry is based on the theme of the photos below.

The red one is love, the blue meatballs on both sides are Aqua, and the pink ones are Ruby, very abstract, really abstract!

Lemonade is also a love-themed red.

Is it really good to say that love always uses such bright red? Dead memories are awakened again! ah ah ah ah….

As for the taste, the curry is a serious curry taste. When I looked at the picture in advance, I thought the blue and pink parts might be milk or something, but it turned out that there was no milk flavor at all, it was pure curry mixed with pigment (laugh).

The lemonade also seems to be citric acid and coloring, it is really sour, I wonder if the staff forgot to add sugar (laughs).

However, linkage coffee is generally like this. The main thing to eat is the artistic conception and environment, and the taste of the food is always arranged at the back.


The interior of the coffee is covered with scenes from the anime, and since there are people in other directions, only this angle was taken.


After eating curry and drinking lemonade, I started to go to the next stop “My Child” exhibition


Banner for this exhibition.

The ticket price for this exhibition is 1,000 yen, which is 500 yen cheaper than the “Rabbit Exhibition” and “Dressing Puppet Exhibition” that I participated in before, but this also means that the scale of the exhibition area is smaller than the previous exhibitions.

However, the official also prepared the voice guide of love very intimately. You only need to add 500 yen to walk around the exhibition while listening to the explanation of love.

What’s more intimate is that the official has prepared two sets of guide content, that is to say, if you want to hear all the content, you have to visit the exhibition twice to hear all the content.


This big boo is the entrance of the exhibition, which is very close to the subtitle of this year, アイと噗.

Inside the exhibition area, there are a large number of original paintings and scripts related to the first episode of the animation. Because these contents are forbidden to be photographed, only some photos that can be photographed are shown below.


As soon as you enter the venue, you can see the life-size sign of love.


On the other side are restored clothes.



The central area is the star that condenses the theme of this time.


The second room in the exhibition area restores the warm home of the three people.

The voice guide not far from this room restored the scene where love was stabbed. dead memories…


Finally, the high school uniforms of Aqua and Ruby are displayed.

Are the shoes under Ruby on purpose or by accident?

Here is the last part of the voice guide, A and B respectively correspond to the scene where Aqua and Ruby were in high school when Ai Ai saw it, it was very tear-jerking.

At this point, the entire exhibition area is over. It is true that the content is relatively small, but after all, only the first chapter has been restored.

As in the past, these exhibitions will only be released after the animation is over. There are still relatively few exhibitions like this time when the animation is broadcasting.


In the shopping area, there is a wall of wishes written by everyone for each character.

It seems that Kana is the most popular! ? The lowest is…


After all, it was the night of the penultimate day. It can be said that there are very few things in the shopping area. As a souvenir, I bought a set.

Finally, the spoils of this time


Coffee Premium Tablecloths and Coasters


exhibition poster

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