my goddamn victories

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There is a need for victory and defeat, but not too much, but this time I got stuck with an electric fan, and I must fix it! ! ! Around September 3rd, a fan on my desktop was abnormal. The first gear and the second gear could not be turned. The third gear had to be manually assisted, and it took a long time to turn. , After adding oil, it turned very briskly by hand, but the speed was still very slow when the power was turned on, and the fan blades stopped rotating directly. At that time, I wanted to give up the treatment (admit defeat) and ignore it. I was a little unwilling, and I fiddled with it again that afternoon. It turned, but the speed was still very slow. I thought of driving it all the time to make it turn more, but after driving for more than a day, it stopped turning at all. Then I thought about changing a starting capacitor to try. The original capacitor of the fan motor is CBB61 1UF. The measured capacitance value dropped by a multimeter was only 0.7UF. I checked the Internet and said that it is better to replace the original capacitor by 20%. ,so I[…]

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